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Lord of The Wolves Chapter Ten

December 30th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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“He thinks that we should use his farm as our base?” David asked after Michael had called and suggested the move to Sarah.

“Yeah,” she said. “He says that Laurel was paralysed when they got there and we’re running out of space here, plus there’s less chance of human casualties if we’re attacked there.”

“Those are both good points,” Tanya said. “Merry can you get us that minibus again because I think it’s a good idea.” Read the rest of this entry »

Lord of The Wolves Chapter Nine

December 16th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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Callie’s sister Rachel and her pack held a village about ten miles from Haventon as their territory. Close enough to the town to be inside of its supernatural window but far enough away not to trigger her hyper-territorial sister and to slip under the radar of the traitors. Of all the outer circle pack leaders in the area she was the only one he actually liked. Hopefully elevating her pack to the coveted Haventon territory would give the others a lesson in the sort of behaviour he expected from his pack leaders. He doubted it though, it would more likely provoke a revolt that he would have to put down. Which would put his schedule back but Lucy was right, he did have to deal with the outer circle and sooner rather than later. He just hoped that enough would be salvageable. Read the rest of this entry »

Lord of The Wolves Chapter Eight

December 3rd, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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There were no lights on at the run down terraced house Laurel rented when they arrived and Michael was certain that she should be awake by now.

“Maybe she’s gone out already,” Leisa said. “She likes to get out as I recall. I can’t blame her living in this dump.”

“She does, but she’s not strong enough to go out until full dark.” Michael fished the spare key she’d given him out of his pocket and unlocked the back door. “And this is what she can afford and she won’t let me help her rent a better place. She’s an independent young woman, which might be why her husband poisoned her.” He shuddered. “If she hadn’t had my blood in her system she’d be dead.” He saw the curious look Liam was giving him and gave a wry smile. “Laurel isn’t just independent she’s determined. She was one of my donor circle and decided she wanted to be a vampire. I told her not until I was sure she wouldn’t regret it-“

“So she bit him,” Leisa said.

“Determined indeed,” Liam said.

“I persuaded her to at least wait out her human lifespan but then her husband goes and poisons her. She had to dig herself out of a shallow grave,” Michael said. “Thank goodness she’d bit me. Let’s check the cellar first. She’s still a little afraid of the sun in spite of my reassurances.”

“Hollywood has a lot to answer for.” Leisa rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

Michael snorted and flipped the light on even though none of them needed it. The cellar was empty except for some old junk. Not only was Laurel not there but it didn’t look like she was using it for sleeping any more.

“Well it looks like she’s getting over it,” Liam said. “Upstairs then?”

“It looks like it.” Michael smiled with fond pride. “She’s getting very strong,”

“All your kids are strong, Michael.” Leisa swept past him up the stairs. “Front bedroom or back?”

“Front, I think,” Michael said.

Leisa pushed open the door and headed into the bedroom. Laurel was lying motionless in the bed.

“Laurel!” Michael hurried over to his blood child’s bedside.

Michael! Laurel’s mental tone was faint even this close to her. I can’t move and I can barely reach you. What’s happening? Why is she doing this?

Michael knelt beside her and squeezed her hand. “I don’t know. We thought that she was targeting werewolf hunters but you’ve never hunted werewolves… have you?”

No… is that why she said I was different from the others?

“She spoke to you?” Leisa knelt on the other side of the bed and slipped a hand under the young vampire’s head. “No, don’t strain to reach. Just think your answer. I’ll take the answer and echo it.”

Thank you. And yes she spoke to me. She’s been feeding me as well. She said this was the only way to protect me, and no she didn’t say who from except that it’s he.

“That’s a hell of a way to protect someone,” Michael said angrily. He bent down and scooped her into his arms. “She could just have warned you. I’m taking you back to the farm ““ if someone is after you then I’ll just arrange a guard.”

Thanks! Laurel sounded relieved. But what if you can’t fix it?

“Don’t even think that,” he replied. “We’ll be able to fix it. We already have a thery aout what’s happening to you.” He walked over to Liam. “What do you think?”

“Let me see.” Liam laid a hand on Laurel’s forehead for a moment. “Well, it certainly feels like elf-shot, but I can’t find an in on it. I’ll call Kate to send James when we get back to your place. I’ll ask her to come as well. He’s great with elf-shot and I want her input on the other things that are going on.”

Elf-shot? Laurel asked. You think she’s a fairy? She felt like a vampire? And who are you? A fairy obviously.

“No, I’m a daemon,” Liam said.

“We think she’s a hybrid of some sort,” Michael explained.

Ah! A daemon, of course I forgot about daemons, Laurel said. So if she’s the one targeting werewolf hunters she’s the one responsible for Ian’s death?

“I’m afraid so,” Michael said.

Damn! I liked Ian. He wasn’t a bad person. I know we could have changed his mind. What about Sal? Is Sal in danger.

“Sal’s fine. I doubt that she’s a target anyway. I’ll tell you about it later. You’ll be surprised. For now let’s get moving.”

“Do you want us to bring anything else for you?” Leisa asked.

My ipod! Laurel said. My DVDs so I don’t hey bored while I’m stuck like this. And – um – my cuddly toy collection. She sounded so embarrassed about that last bit that Michael couldn’t avoid chuckling at that.

“Of course.”


David sat with Tyler and continued working on glamouring his eyes fully, while his mother paced the lounge talking to people on her mobile. Whatever she was doing she seemed less bereft and more determined than when she arrived. During a break while he tried to clear his head from the after effects of the unfamiliar effort he frowned over at her

“Who’s she talking to?” he asked.

“Some friends of our grandmother,” Emma said “She’s trying to track her down to come and help you.”

“And because I want to ask her about this supposed relationship between the Rebel Court and Maelin,” Philip said. “I know that Liam said it’s rather one sided and I have no reason to disbelieve him bit I just can’t imagine that monster protecting them. I know several members of the Rebel Court and they are generally decent, if somewhat paranoid, people.”

“But our grandmother walked out on her family, didn’t she?” David asked. “And didn’t she kill people?”

“Mum only left us after dad was killed and we were all grown up.” His mother had put her phone down and was frowning at him. “And only because she was getting old enough that even with her glamour she have started raising eyebrows. As to her – um – friends. She made sure they understood what she was and what they were getting into before she bonded with them. She used to cry her eyes out on Dad’s shoulder whenever one of them finally died, as well.”

“That’s one way to deal with being a bond feeder,” Tyler said. “Though I think I prefer Meredith’s friend’s method.”

“Hmm?” she gave Meredith a curious look.

“Jasmine is an art therapist working with the terminally ill,” Meredith explained.

Susan tilted her head for a moment before her puzzled frown faded into a surprised oh. “Now that is a clever solution.”

“Do you think you’ll be able to contact your mother?” Tyler asked. In my experience when a member of the Rebel Court doesn’t want to be found they won’t be found.”

“Mum left me instructions on how to get a message to her if needed,” Susan said. “So I know she’ll get it but if she replies is up to her.”

“And I suspect that she will,” Philip said. “Lillian always had very strong opinions about family. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been keeping tabs on her family anyway. More importantly did any of the people you called have any idea why the Summer warrior wants David dead?”

“I’m not sure,” Susan said. “I think so, but they didn’t tell me if they did. But all three of them had the same reaction when I told them. A long pause followed by a very thoughtful ‘interesting’.”

Philips lips twitched. “I feel like having much the same reaction to that reaction.”

“Me too.” She reached for her phone again. “Anyway I have a couple of other people to ring.”

“You can do that tomorrow, Sue,” Philip said gently. “You need your rest.”

“No!” she flared before repeating more calmly. “No, I’ve lost Mark and Martin, I nearly lost Emma. I’m not losing David. I-I don’t think I could bear…” She burst into tears.

“You’re not going to lose David.” Philip pulled her into a hug. I promise we’ll protect him. You know we will. Now go and rest, you need to sleep.”

“I guess I do.” She clung to him. “But I’m not sure I can. It still hurts too much.”

“Oh, Sue.” Philip looked over at Daniel. “Can you make her something, please?”

“Of course.” Daniel took her hand. “Come on, Aunt Sue. Let’s get you to bed and I’ll bring you a tea to help you sleep.”

“Thank you.” She gave a weak smile and hugged David again before following Daniel from the room.

“How’s the lesson going?” Philip turned back to Tyler and David.

“Less well than I’d like,” Tyler said. “But better David thinks. He’s nearly got the hang of glamouring her eyes.”

“But?” Philip said. “And don’t say there isn’t a but.”

“There is a but,” Tyler said. “And I’m not quite sure how to explain it.”

“He feels like he hasn’t finished emerging,” Penny said. “But no way should it not be done by now. It doesn’t take this long once you start and his glamour and Mist powers are already working.2 She scowled at the floor. “Do you think Gwen could bee repressing him somehow?”

“You mean chaining?” Tyler looked thoughtful. “I think chaining is a myth. At least I’ve never heard of a verifiable case. It’s always turned out to be a late emergence or someone who’s weaker than their kin would like, and yet it does fit what we’re sensing doesn’t it?”

“And if anyone has the knowledge and power to prevent or delay an emergence it’s Gwen,” Penny said. “And she appears to know something about David that makes her want him out of the way.”

“You think this Gwen has been stopping David emerging somehow?” Philip asked. “And now that’s failed she wants him dead?”

“I still think it’s unlikely.” Tyler scowled thoughtfully. “But it’s a possibility worth considering. I mean she’s obviously aware of his existence ““ which she shouldn’t be given how new he is.” He paused and smiled at David. “Sorry, we’re talking about you as if you aren’t here.”

“That’s okay,” David said. “I’m more concerned with your theory than if you’re ignoring me. Do you really think I haven’t finished changing yet?”

“It certainly feels that way,” Penny said, “And your aura is still in turmoil which also suggests it. So same question as yesterday. Any aches and pains?”

David closed his eyes and considered the question. There wasn’t any real pain anywhere but his entire body felt tight like he needed to stretch. He told them that and Tyler hummed to himself.

“It’s possible that you’re growing though if it’s that mild it’ll likely only be an inch or two. Try stretching and see what happens?”

David stood up and started stretching gently, it felt so good that he ended up aarching backwards and stretching like a cat. As he straightened the tightness in his spine faded and he sighed in relief and began stretching his arms and hands, then paused when he realised that the others weere staring at him. “What?”

“Yes, you’ve definitely grown an inch or two doing that,” Philip said.

“Not enough to notice unless you’re looking for it,” Penny said. “Your fingers have lengthened slightly as well. At this rate you’re going to look like a stereotypical elf, which is odd. Considering the fact that your aura is still suggesting that you’ll be something less straight forward.”

“And Gwen wouldn’t want to kill you just for being an Elf,” Brenna said. “We’re missing something and I we’ll be kicking ourselves once it comes to us.”

“Almost certainly,” Tyler said. “I just wish the Winter Lore Keepers would talk to us-“ He broke off as Susan”s phone began ringing where she’d left it on the table when she went she went with Daniel. Philip stared at it for a moment before picking it up.

“Hello, Susan Carter’s pho-“ He broke off and his eyes widened. “Lillian?!” He listened for a moment. “Yes, it’s nice to hear from you as well. I just persuaded Susan to go to bed . Do you want me to see if she’s still awake? You heard about Mark I assume?” Another pause, “Yes, of course we’re looking after her and she does need her sleep…. yes, we’ll definitely protect David from the Summer Warrior as well. Are you coming–“ He listened again. “You’re where? No don’t answer that I did hear you. I guess that’s a no then?” Another long pause. “Okay, I’ll tell her but you should call her in the morning… You will? Good. Talk to you tomorrow.” He hung up.

“Gran’s not coming?” Sarah asked

“She is coming but she needs to get a flight first,” Philip said. “She’s in Greece right now apparently. I’m surprised she got back to us quite so fast. I mean she’s worried about Sue and David but that was still way too fast, she called right on the back of the messages. Why would she do that unless she knows something? I just hope she’ll talk when she gets here.”


Michael sat by Laurel’s bed aas she slept. Dawn had come less than an hour ago and plunged his child into sleep. As he watched she mumbled something in sleep and turned over.

“She moved!” he gasped.

“And spoke,” Leisa confirmed from where she was sitting on the other side of the bed. “So the paralysis only effects voluntary movement.”

“Which means that the fact it affects other supernaturals isn’t the only way that it differs from normal elf-shot.” Michael stroked Laurel’s hair. “Elf-shot normally affects unconscious movements as well. How curious.”

Leisa snorted. “Curious is one word for it.”

Michael gave a half smile and rose to his feet. “I’m going to call Merry before the Day Queen arrives. I’m going to suggest we move every one here while all this is going on. I’ve got more room than Tanya’s house and the farm is more defensible,”

“It is,” Leisa said. “And if it comes to a fight there are far less humans around to get caught in the crossfire there. You should definitely suggest it,” She got to her feet too. “I need to check something out. I probably won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I want to chase down some information about a rumour of young vampires dying of convulsions a two or three hundred years ago. I know it’s not the same but the description of the culprit is similar so I’m wondering if it’s connected.”

“Sounds possible,” he said. “But that’s what you’re doing not where you’re going.”

“I know.” She bit her lip. “I’m going to drive down to Devon.”

“Edwin!” Michael ground out the name. “You’re actually going to ask that bastard Edwin for help?”

Leisa nodded but wouldn’t meet his eyes. “He doesn’t kill, Michael, and he knows every single rumour in the vampire community.”

“I know, but that’s about the only good thing that can be said about him. You know what he does and you know he’ll make you jump through hoops to get the information if he has it”

“He will. And I’ll jump through them to find out in this case.” She headed for the door. “Get everyone gathered and I’ll see you when I get back tomorrow.”


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Lord of The Wolves Chapter Seven

November 18th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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“David!” His mother hugged him tightly when she arrived with Philip and Emma. “Phil told me what’s been going on. Thank goodness you’re okay!” She pulled back and looked at his eyes. “Ah, yes. I can see the silver if I look. You do have my mother’s eyes and you need to get better at glamour. I never imagined you might be a Mistwalker. You never showed the slightest sign of a glamour affinity as a child and I was looking. I would have tried to contact mum if I’d known.”

“It’s okay, mum.” David hugged her back. “It caught us all by surprise. How are you doing?” Read the rest of this entry »

Lord of The Wolves Chapter Six

November 4th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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By the time the others returned David was getting used to the feel of the Mists and had learned to stop himself crossing over which was a relief, but he still hadn’t learned to fully glamour his eyes though Tyler thought he’d pass unless someone took a close look.

Leisa and Michael arrived back first but didn’t have time to tell them what they’d found before Tanya and Meredith returned. Meredith didn’t look any better than when she and Tanya had left and Tanya looked pale and drawn. As soon as they came in Meredith rushed straight over to David and grabbed his hands. Read the rest of this entry »

Haventon Book One: Haventon Born now available as an ebook

October 25th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

Haventon Born Cover

Okay peeps! The ebook version of Haventon Born is live. It’s been edited and there are some minor changes from the original version. More importantly  it contains an 8000 word bonus story “Moonlight and Memories” which will never be available on the site.

The paperback version is still in process and will hopefully be available by Halloween.

Cover Blurb:

Vampires. Mere stories and myths until David’s dearest sister becomes one. He’s hunted them relentlessly ever since. Given that Haventon attracts supernatural creatures like a magnet does iron, David has become a well-practiced and skillful hunter.

But his hard-earned confidence betrays him and his prey, an elder vampire, takes the upper hand. Leisa doesn’t kill him, but shatters his certainty. Into his rebuilding effort comes The Order, directors of his hunting, with an order to supervise a novice hunter. Her error, attacking a human, requires all his attention at a time he can ill afford it.

Anna, the novice, asks him to examine her notes, to explain where she went wrong. While her mistake becomes understandable, it’s also attracted dangerous attention. More dangerous, perhaps, than the female vampire stalking him.

But not more dangerous than the town he and Anna were born in.

Haventon hasn’t finished with them yet.

It hasn’t even begun.

PDF Version here  (If you’re not sure here’s advice on how to read a PDF)

EPub Version here (need an EPUB Reader try FBReader )

Kindle (click on your local Amazon site): US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India. Don’t have a Kindle? You don’t need to buy one, there are free reading apps for Apple, Android and Windows available. There should be a link on your local Amazon Kindle store that you can use to get it. I generally read Kindle books on my android tablet).

I’ll make another post once the paperback is available but for now I hope you’ll consider buying one of the ebook formats.



Lord of The Wolves Chapter Five

October 21st, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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A/N: Confirmed! The ebook of Haventon Born will be released 25th October. Keep an eye out for the release post and buy on release day if you can, please.

A/N 2: Torvawk, did you get my emails? I sent you something.

The next afternoon Colin’s head was still spinning from his conversation with Maelin and he toyed with the eggs and bacon Lucy set in front of him rather than eating them.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, cub,” she said after watching him for a moment. “But you need to eat up if you’re gong to recover fully from what your mother did to you.” Read the rest of this entry »

Lord of The Wolves Chapter Four

October 7th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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Lord of the Wolves

Chapter Four

A/N: For the foreseeable future I will be updating Haventon and Whisper fortnightly on alternate Wednesdays. So Whisper will return next Wednesday.

A/N2: Cover Reveal for Haventon Book One


David stared into the mirror Tyler had set in front of him. If anything his eyes looked even more silver than they had last night.

“Can you really help me hide these?” he asked.

“I should be able to,” Tyler said. “Though I wish Liam hadn’t dropped this on me. I’m a warrior not a teacher.”

“You’ll be fine, dad,” Brenna said. “You taught me after all.” Read the rest of this entry »

Lord of the Wolves Chapter Three

March 5th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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Lord of the Wolves

Chapter Three

The next three people that Liam and Tyler took David to had also refused to help. The last one had slammed the door in Tyler’s face. The sun had been up for an hour when they pulled into the driveway of a very ordinary suburban semi-detached house, yet in spite of not having slept in over twenty four hours ““ unless you counted being knocked out briefly ““ David did not feel fatigued at all. It seemed that Tyler was right about him not having to sleep as much.

“If Cherie won’t help us I really can’t imagine who will,” Liam said as he put the handbrake on. Even before he turned off the engine a statuesque woman with long black hair and soft blue eyes with catlike pupils came out and strode towards the car.

“Well that doesn’t look too hopeful,” Tyler said as Liam opened the car door Cherie bent down so her eyes were level with his.

“You already know what I’m going to say don’t you,” she said. “I know you”™ve spoken to the other lore keepers already.” She sounded sad.

“I have a fair idea, yes,” Liam said.

“I thought so,” she said. “At least that makes this easier. I’m very sorry but I can’t help you.” She looked to where David was sitting in the back. “I’m really sorry, kid. I want to help you, really I do, but I can’t.”

“Cherie, is someone stopping you helping us?” Tyler asked.

“I never said that,” she said quickly. “I merely said I can’t help you.” She gave another heavy sigh. “I’m afraid you won’t find anyone who will be able to help you. Most of those who could won’t even want to.”

“Why not?” Liam asked.

Cherie looked around cautiously before replying. “What do all the current lore keepers in the area have in common?”

“Are you saying the court of seasons has something to do with this?” Tyler exclaimed.

Cherie looked straight at him with a sad smile. “I didn’t say that, my Lord,” she said.

“No, but you implied it,” Tyler said. “If you need shelter, Cherie, you know where to find me.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” she said quietly. “But I really hope it won’t come to that.” She looked back at David. “Good luck, kid. I’m afraid you’re going to need it.” She rose to her feet and headed back into the house leaving them sitting there. Liam watched her go before putting the car in gear and driving off.

“Well that was informative,” he said after a moment,

“It was,” Tyler agreed. “I hope she doesn’t get in trouble.”

“Was it?” David asked, before looking at Tyler. “She called you lord?”

“Ah, yes.” Tyler looked embarrassed. “I have some rank among the courts.”

Liam snorted. “Some rank he calls it.”

“Well it means very little,” Tyler said.

“You’re the Night King’s champion, Tyler,” Liam said dryly. “You have real power, and not just in the Court of Hours. You just don’t care to exercise it.”

“I know, but don’t want to upset anyone by throwing my weight around,” Tyler said.

“I do understand but if the Court of Seasons are being antagonistic you may have to,” Liam said. “Call Kate. I have a funny feeling about this.”

Tyler didn’t reply to that but he did produce a phone and dial someone. “Hi, Kate, it’s me-“ He stopped abruptly and listened. “She did? What did she have to say?” He listened some more and glanced around at David with a worried scowl. “Damn! What did you say?” Another pause then he burst out laughing, “She won’t like that.” After a moment he sobered again. “But Kate, the Summer Champion is very dangerous and you’re expos- Yes, I quite agree. As long as you’re sure. We’ll have to warn people. I’ll call the night folk if you call the day… yes, of course including Penny. I may not like her but I wouldn’t leave her at their mercy. Yes, talk to you later, Kate. Take care.” He turned the phone off and leaned back. “Damn!”

“Sounds like I was right,” Liam said.

“You were,” Tyler said. “The Summer Champion requested an audience with Kate. She says the Court of Seasons will declare war on us if we don’t deliver David’s head on a platter.” He turned and looked at David with a wry smile. “Don’t worry, Kate told her where to shove her platter.”

“You shouldn’t put yourself at risk for my sake,” David said.

“No, it’s fine,” Tyler said. “We won’t be bullied.”

“But you said she was exposed?” David said.

“Kate is the Day Queen of the Court of Hours.” It was Liam who answered. “She’s exposed because her champion died recently.”

“Of an iron tipped crossbow bolt to the throat,” Tyler said neutrally.

“No, that was just a symptom,” Liam said. “He died of being an evil arsehole.”

Tyler snorted at that. “I never said I disapproved.”

“You killed him?” David asked.

“I did,” Liam said. “He fed on unhappiness ““ which would be neither here nor there ““ all fairies and daemons have to feed on something ““ but he was deliberately manipulating people into suicidal despair in order to feast ““ and he really didn’t need to. He wasn’t a bond feeder and there’s unhappiness enough in the world.”

“Ugh!” David said. He looked over at Tyler. “Um…”

“Fear,” Tyler said.

“Huh?” David said.

“Bren and I feed on fear,” Tyler said. “You were wondering.”

David eyed him uncertainly. “You scare people. That seems ““ huh-“

“Not usually,” Tyler said. “Though if I’m hungry I will. Sadly that’s not often.”

“Sadly?!” David stared at him.

“Yes, sadly,” Tyler said. “Unless you think it’s a good thing that there’s more than enough ambient fear and anxiety in the world that I can remain well fed with out having to actively evoke the emotion.”

“Huh,” David said again. “Well when you put it that way I see what you mean. But I’m going to feed on something.”

“Sure,” Liam said. “But unless you are really, really unlucky it won’t require hurting anyone, let alone killing them.”

“I’ll probably be unlucky,” David said sourly.

“Even if you are there’s usually a work around,” Tyler said. “But really it’s not likely.”

“Except his grandmother was Leannaun which increases the chance,” Liam said

“Buh,” David said.

“You’ll be fine,” Tyler said. “Though we will need to find out what you are soon. You don’t want to get hungry.”

“You need to teach him to glamour those eyes, and teach him about the mists.” Liam glanced at David in the rear view mirror. “You won’t get hungry for a few days yet but you’d probably wander into the mists without realising and with the Summer Champion after you that’s really not a good idea.”

“Liam’s right,” Tyler said. “I’ll do that later today.”


“Anna woke up briefly while you were out,” Tanya said. “Daniel gave her a sedative but she should wake up soon.”

“Is she okay?” David asked.

“No, she’s scared and confused,” Tanya said. “But that’s to be expected and I’m sure she will be.”

“Is someone keeping an eye on her?” David asked. “She shouldn’t be alone.”

“Of course,” Tanya said. “Jason’s with her right now, I was just going to relieve him when you knocked on the door.”

“I’ll do it if you want,” David said. “I’m still technically responsible for her.”

“Are you sure?” Tanya said. “How long since you slept?”

“I’m fine, Tan,” David said. “Apparently fairies and daemons don’t sleep much.”

“Really?” Tanya said. “That’s interesting. Werewolves don’t either. So did you find out what you are?”

“No,” David said. “But apparently whatever it is it might be worth going to war over.”

“What?” Tanya stared at him.

“I’ll explain later,” Liam said. “But apparently the Court of Seasons want him dead so badly they’ve threatened the Court of Hours over him.”

“That’s not good,” Tanya said. “I don’t know much about mistwalkers but I know enough to know the Court of Seasons are very dangerous.”

“Mistwalkers?” Liam said. “I like that. It’s accurate.”

“It’s what my kind call fairies and daemons,” Tanya said then turned to look up the stairs as Jason appeared with Anna leaning on him. “Ah! You’re up. I’ll make breakfast and it’s time for some introductions I think. Pretty much everyone is still here.”




“How do you feel?” David asked softly as he slid into a seat next to Anna at the large dining table. Anna looked around from where she was studying the various people in the room thoughtfully. She was fairly sure most of them weren’t human.

“Confused, I–“ she broke off when she saw his eyes. While the change wasn’t as pronounced as her own she was sure they hadn’t been that liquid silver before. “Your eyes changed too? Or is this another thing I just couldn’t see?”

“No, they changed,” David said. “Apparently I’m not human either. We’re still trying to work out what I am.” He gave a scowl that spoke whole volumes. “It isn’t going well.”

Anna stared at David, her mind whirling and stomach churning. She opened her mouth and just a squeak came out, so she swallowed and tried again. This time she managed words but they weren’t what she meant to say. “This bloody town!” She flushed when everyone burst out laughing.

“Now that’s the truth,” the daemon girl who had helped with her rescue said before extending her hand. “Hi, kid, I’m Brenna. We didn’t really have chance to get acquainted yesterday.”

“Anna.” Anna managed as she shook Brenna’s hand.

“I see you started the introductions without me.” Tanya put a plate of sandwiches beside her and looked around. “So I’ll take that as a hint to finish them.” She pointed to a slim guy in jeans and a shirt. “This is Liam, he’s on the Council too. The Spectral Branch’s only councillor. He called in some backup for us. She nodded to the two daemons and a black woman who was sat on the other side of the room from them. “You’ve met Brenna already. The man is her father, Tyler. And this is Penny. She’s a nightmare – a dream fairy.” She tilted her head again at Anna’s surprise. “I told you that the Spectral Branch is a little different.” She grinned then gestured to a young woman seated next to Meredith who bore a startling resemblance to David but who also had amber eyes. “This is my cousin, David’s sister, Sarah.” She smirked. “I’m sure you’ve noticed she’s a werewolf too but she’s also a werewolf hunter–”

“Wha– Are you mad?” Anna stared at Sarah in shock.

“It’s a long story,” Sarah said. “I’ll tell you about it sometime.”

“We should get on with this.” Daniel said. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you.” Anna took a bite of her sandwich. “But that potion gave me weird dreams.” She looked at the last two people in the room. She remembered them from the rescue and she rather got the impression they were vampires. “And who are you? You’re both vampires aren’t you?”

“Indeed.” The blonde smiled. “I’m Leisa, and this is Michael.”

“Hmm… well this is possibly the most unexpected gathering I’ve ever been a member of,” Anna said. “But thank you for rescuing me.”

“In the end you rescued yourself, dear,” Leisa said. “He was giving us a lot of trouble until you gutted him.” Her expression darkened. “But all the same he got away. We think he’s hibernating but we’re going to make sure.”

Anna’s stomach flipped again. “Oh, God! What if he comes after me again. He really hates werewolves and home isn’t safe ““ he’s got an invitation.”

“We’ve thought of that,” Tanya said. “You and Jason are staying with me until we’re sure it’s safe for you to go bac–“ She broke off as her, Meredith and Liam’s mobile phones all started ringing simultaneously. “Well, that can’t be good.” She answered it as Liam and Meredith did the same. “Keith, what’s wrong?” She listened for a moment and her eyes widened. “What?! That’s bad. Okay, I’m coming in. Stop Rhianne doing anything stupid before I get there. Sit on her if you have to.” She clicked off her phone and walked over to Meredith who had also ended her phone call and was sitting there staring into space. Her eyes were suspiciously wet. Tanya squeezed her shoulder. “Are you okay, Merry?”

“N-no.” Meredith shook her head. “How can I be?”

“What’s happened?” Sarah asked. Then when Meredith didn’t answer she turned to Tanya. “Tan, what’s happened?”

Tanya took a breath. “Someone has left the body of one of Merry’s other subordinates in the Council’s main meeting room. Apparently he’s been torn to shreds.”

“I-it’s Paul, Sal,” Merry said. She buried her face in her hands. “Dammit! Why? I know I’d been getting through to him.” She sat there a moment longer before scrubbing at her face with her hands. “We’d better go in. They’re expecting us.”

“We can’t go together,” Liam said. “The others will think we’re plotting.” He reached over and squeezed Meredith’s hand. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.” He looked back at Tanya. “I’ll leave now. You get your guests settled and bring Merry along since she’s supposed to be here anyway and I don’t think she should drive in this state.”

“She is?” Anna asked.

“She’s helping me learn to control my psychic powers,” David said.

“Good idea,” Tanya said as Liam headed to the door. “Keep an eye on Rhiane until we get there. Keith said he would but he doesn’t understand how far gone she is.”

Liam paused and looked back. “I will. Fortunately, I persuaded Floyd to help me clear out all her stashed silver weapons last week. He may be a zealot but he does know Rhiane’s losing it. He was asking if I knew anyone who might be able to stabilise her decline.” He turned and disappeared out the door.

Tanya watched him then shook her head. “Jason knows where everything is already so make yourselves at home. And can someone escort him and Anna to pick up some stuff from their house while we’re gone.”


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Lord of the Wolves Chapter Two

February 19th, 2015  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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Lord of the Wolves

Chapter Two

A/N: Here’s chapter two. Hope you enjoy it peeps.  I’ve also made some changes to Chapter One to fix a massive continuity error between book 1 and 2.

Show no weakness. Colin kept his eyes fixed on the wall of his unfurnished room and forced himself to keep breathing in spite of the pain it caused him. At least it distracted him from the memory of what had happened. Even after several days he couldn’t stomach thinking about his failed initiation. He didn’t know where his parents and their pack had found the human teen they’d sacrificed but they were still angry that he hadn’t been able bring himself to share the feast let alone be the one to actually kill the boy. Read the rest of this entry »