Dragon Wars: Voting Incentive Questions 6 part 2

July 21st, 2010  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background  |  2 Comments

Continuing on from yesterday here are the answers to mjkj’s  questions this  week.

Question one:

Dear Karen

How are you managing keeping up your good spirits and stay so calm in the front of all those hatred that they spew at you – just because you are human – and that you even try to safe them from the dragons?

Kind regards and have a good and victorious fight against the dragons


Karen replies: Well I’d be lying if I said it didn’t rankle sometimes but to be honest it’s not entirely without reason. There’s a lot of very bad history between Earth and the other world. The Warriors weren’t involved, as far as anyone can tell, but shit sticks as they say. Still it wasn’t this bad two years ago, things had been almost cordial for over a century.

I guess the Dragon Knights being human and Kyle going off the deep end reawakened old aminosities.

I just have to grit my teeth and remind myself how important this is all is. Because as I’ve mentioned I’ve some wonderful friends here who I can’t just leave, and what ails here generally ails Earth as well. If it weren’t for that I’d be more inclined to let them stew.

What does piss me off is Valeria’s attitude. She knows me! She should know I’m not…

Sorry about that. The truth is I’m just very good at hiding who I am and what I’m feeling in order to do what needs doing. I’ve had to be.

Question two:

Dear Karen (and also dear Lydia, dear Daniel and dear Andrew)
How is it having a heart friend? How is it when your heart friend is near you? Do you feel different? more powerful? more …? (I am sorry I lack the right words here and I just hope you understand what I mean…)

Kind regards and thank you for the answers…


Karen replies: The bond is different for everyone. For me it’s like having a best friend who knows you at least as well as you know yourself, but I don’t know that it makes me feel different per se-

Lydia intejects: It’s like waking up one day and finding out a whole part of your body you never knew you were missing has suddenly appeared. I always felt a little empty until I met Bennu.

Andrew says: Melodramatic, Lyd. I don’t especially feel different, but I do seem to be able to control  my abilities more, so perhaps I am stronger when she’s about.

Daniel says: I get restless if Ebona isn’t close by. When she’s in the other world and I’m on Earth I feel like part of me has been ripped away. It’s not exactly painful, but it’s not pleasant.

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  1. mjkj says:

    Thank you all for the answer – and especially Karen, thank you – I admire your self-control … especially towards Valeria…

    • mjkj says:

      PS: I think you still have to link to this page – it is not linked from the questions page nor from the first part of the answers.

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