Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Eleven Part Five

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“Eh?” Kate asked.

“This aura is human,” he said. “I’m trying to work out who Xantaria might have locked away in there. It’s good though – a human should be easier to deal with than one of the Lost Ones. I really didn’t want a trail of sick or dead humans on my conscience, Well as long as they weren’t conscious for the past several thousand years. That would wreck anyone’s mind.”

“The Lost Ones are like that shadowy thing that was attacking those boys?” she asked. “Was that your doing?”

“Yes, that was one of the Lost Ones. No, though I did use it to check my suspicion that Ophelia had the Key,” he replied. “And I’m surprised you saw it.?

“I’m not blind,” she said. “And it was bloody big. How could I miss it?”

“Most people can’t see them,” he said.

“Most people are blind.” Kate snorted. “I figured that out a while back.”

“True enough,” he said. “I just didn’t realise that you were that sensitive before I empowered you. I just knew that you had potential.” He turned back to the portal just as a ribbon of green light burst from it and wove into an intricate design. The shock of recognition drove Darlryan back another step. “Paritan?” A sound like the whispering of wind through a thousand trees reached his hears and then Paritan was standing there, but only for a moment before sinking to his knees. Given that he was bleeding from multiple wounds it wasn’t out of respect, not totally anyway.

“Darlryan-mirian,” he said politely.

“Paritan-alran,” Darlryan said. “Speak Lova not draconic so Kate can understand you.”

“I can use English if you wish,” Paritan said in that language. “I’ve been listening through the cracks since they started opening.”

“Oh!” Darlryan said. “You were conscious in there?”

“Only since the cracks appeared and if I stayed close to them it wasn’t so bad,” he replied. “The first time an escape opportunity presented itself I let Kirala out first because she was in a worse state than me and she ranks me in the Luminal Guard anyway. Did she make it?”

“She’s alive but in transition,” Darlryan said. “She’s with her family so I’m not sure of the details.” He reached out and touched one of Paritan’s wounds. “Will you be okay?”

“Now I’m free I can heal, I’ll be fine in a matter of hours. Physically anyway.”

“Good.” Darlryan said. “Now to what do I owe the presence of the second captain of the Luminal Guard?”

“I wish to avenge what was done to my mistress… and I was called.” Paritan said.

“Called?” Darlryan asked. “Called by whom?”

“You don’t know? Xantaria and her allies used Kaylaria’s own power as part of the seal for the prison but it’s not exactly tame to their will. That’s what called me. The key to the prison.”

Darlryan wasn’t sure how many more shocks he could take that night. He cursed in draconic before reverting to English. “Crap! Alsia’s right I am an idiot. No wonder she’s so angry with me. I should have realised but I can’t believe they did that!” He chewed on his lip. “This changes things. But why did it call you now?”

“It’s been calling me since I woke this is the first chance I had to obey.”

“I see and the Key may have called you but she’ll try to put you back, you know.”

Paritan smiled. “I know, I’ll just have to persuade her otherwise. She won’t find the key cooperative about sending me back anyway.” He looked over at Kate and smiled warmly. “You’ve been empowering latents?”

“I have,” he said. “I know Kay wouldn’t approve, but I’m low on resources here.”

“My miria would understand better than you think, I imagine.” He eyed the scars on Dalryan’s cheeks. “So it’s true that Alsia-ida and you aren’t talking?”

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