Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Eight Part Six

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Chapter Eight
Part Six

Salia was too scared to take in her surroundings until they landed outside the huge building. As the dragon changed form, instinct took over and she used her moment of freedom from his grasp to bolt. She didn’t get  two steps before he grabbed her arm  and jerked her back. She yelled in pain, twisted around and sank her sharp teeth into his arm. He made a hissing noise but only tightened his grip on her arm until she let go. Then he gave a rumbling laugh and started dragging her towards the shining crystal edifice.

“Welcome to your new home, little princess. I think you’ll like it here.”

Salia shook her head and set her legs, refusing to walk. “This isn’t my home.”

“Oh, but it is now.” He turned and lifted her off the ground, neatly avoiding another attempt to bite him,  and carried her kicking form under his arm the rest of the way.

Two dragons lounged on either side of  the entrance. As he approached, they both shifted to human form and saluted before one of them reached out and rapped on the doors. He nodded to them as the doors swung inwards on their own and he carried her past them. The doors clanged shut behind them.

“Here we are.” He set he back on her feet in front of tall dragon woman, who had dropped to on knee in front of him. “This is your new charge, Lyrekka-alra. Be careful with this one, she bites.”

“That’s because she’s scared, my mirian,” Lyrekka said. “Fear might taste wonderful, but it’s a poor way to gain cooperation.”

There was a long pause. Salia risked a glance up at her captor and saw that he was glaring angrily at Lyrekka.

She just stared back at him, apparenly unphased. “Don’t look at me that way, Gerian-mirian. You gave me this particular job because I’m not in descent,” she said. “And you ordered me to speak my mind.”

He glared at her a moment longer and then nodded slowly. “I did tell you that, didn’t I?” He pushed Salia towards her. “Look after the girl, Lyrekka. I have other business to attend to.” He strode past her towards another set of double doors. They opened for him and Salia caught a glimpse of a throne room beyond them before they closed again, leaving her alone with Lyrekka.

The dragon woman was still kneeling, but now it seemed to be to put her vivid  green eyes on a level with Salia’s rather than as a gesture of respect. She reached out and took Salia’s hands in hers.

“What’s your name, little haltia?  Gerian-mirian tends to forget such things are important.”

“S-Salia,” she replied, then blinked. She hadn’t meant to answer, but she didn’t seem able not to.

“A pretty name.” Lyrekka rose to her feet still holding one of Salia’s hands. “Come on then, Salia. I’ll show you to your room. I hope you like it.”

Salia shook her head and sat down on the marble floor.

“Come on, Salia. I know you don’t want to be here, but this isn’t helping.” Lyrekka sounded sympathetic.

Salia just shook her head and tried to pull her hand from the dragon’s.

Lyrekka made a tutting noise and gathered Salia into her arms. She carried her up a sweeping staircase and along a long corridor. “Here we are!” The dragon deposited Salia onto something soft. “You must have had a rough day. We’ll talk again after you’ve slept.”

“Don’t want to sleep!” Salia said. “I want mummy!”

“Go to sleep, Salia.” Lyrekka stroked her hair and a strange creeping fog filled her head and drew her down into a dreamless black.


Dariad was waiting with Alaryia as the thunderbird carrying Karen and Prince Alban came in to land. The ambassador was carrying the antidote she’d brewed in a clay flask. The bird had barely touched down before Alban leapt from her back with Karen in his arms and landed in front of them.

“Your majesty,” he said. “I’d bow, but…” he trailed off and held Karen out. The Light Warrior was barely conscious and clearly not coherent. She was also pale and sweating. Alban didn’t look too good himself; her condition must be starting to get to him. “Mother sent an imp, I assume?”

“She did,” Dariad said.

“Here, let me.” Alaryia pushed past him, unsealed the flask and poured some of the contents into Karen’s mouth. The girl choked and spluttered. Most of the liquid ran out of her mouth, but she must have managed to swallow some because her eyes cleared slightly and she focused on the ambassador.

“More, please!” she croaked.

“In a minute,”  Alaryia said. “Let’s get you sat down so it’s easier  for you to drink it.” She looked over at Dariad. “They got here just in time, you know.”

“I noticed,” he agreed as one of his servants  brought a chair for Karen.

Once the girl was seated Alaryia fed her several more mouthfuls of the antidote. The colour gradually returned to her cheeks and she straightened up.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” she said. “I’m afraid you’re going to be sick for a few days though, and I need to check your back soon. If any of the attack is left in the wounds you’ll get sick again as soon as the antidote wears off.” She looked over at Dariad. “You have rooms ready for her?”

“We do.” He turned to Brita. “Can you take Karen and Prince Alban to their chambers? I’ll wait here for Valeria. At least I assume she’s not far behind you.” He looked down sadly. “Salia didn’t make it through.”

“I know. We saw what was left of her mount. Mother’s trying to rescue the fire nymph who was accompanying her. She should be here soon.” Alban bit his lip and looked out into the dark outside.

“Go with Brita,” Dariad said. “I’ll bring Valeria as soon as she lands.” He turned to Karen with a smile. “I’ve sent a message to your brother and sister as well. I imagine they’ll be returning as well.”

“Thank you.” Karen tried to stand and immediately collapsed back into the chair. She was shivering. “Ugh.”

“Here, I’ll help.” Alban helped her up and when it became obvious her legs wouldn’t support her at all, he lifted her into his arms and followed Brita from the chamber.

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9 Responses to “Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Eight Part Six”

  1. Dayton says:

    I found this a few days ago and have just caught up on the story. I think this an absolutely Fantasic story and I am Very much looking forward to watching it unfold. 😀

  2. maileguy says:

    Cool! Salia’s ok! Or, not dead, at least. And not injured except for being scared. And Karen’s on the way to good health, it seems. All in all, good moves for them.

    Question: You write about Karen:
    “If any of the attack is left in the wounds you’ll get sick again…”
    Not sure if ‘attack’ is the correct word here, it would be a way of using it I’ve not seen. ‘Venom’ or a similar word would make more sense to me, but I’m not the writer…

    thanks again for sharing.

    • admin says:

      It is an unusual way of putting it. Alaryia is actually referring to if any of the physical component of the attack is stuck in the wounds. Since it’ll start releasing venom again once the antidote wears off.

      Glad you’re still enjoying the story.

  3. mjkj says:

    Awww poor Salia *comforts her*

    I am glad she is alright for now – but I also hope she will be rescued soon…

    Yayy, Karen is ok, they got there in time (what was to be suspected)
    I hope they can get her completely well soon (including the removing of the attack-residues)


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