Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Nine Part Seven

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Chapter Nine
Part Seven

Daniel really wanted to ask more questions but there was no denying the wisdom of his mother’s words. He was tired and sleep would help him assimilate their answers better, so he made his way back down the stairs towards his rooms. Rilletta was still loitering not far away from the door, but he was tired enough that he only gave her a token glare before he went into his room and shut the door.

At some point while he was out, Mela had climbed out of the bath and dressed herself in the clothes his father had given her. She was curled up fast asleep on the bracken with her head lying on Ebona’s side.

“She said she couldn’t get comfortable in the bath,” Ebona said. “But she was lying, even to herself I think.. She just didn’t feel safe and wanted some physical contact to make her feel better.”

“Ah,” he said. “I just had a most illuminating conversation with my parents.” He sat down on the bed and mentally replayed it for Ebona.

“That’s disturbing,” Ebona said. “I think I want to talk to this Jason, hear what he told you from his own lips.”

Daniel looked at her sharply. “You think he was lying?”

“No, almost certainly not. But I’d like to be sure. Accusing the Core of – um – malfunctioning is not a thing to be taken lightly-” She broke off at the sound of a light tap at the door.

“Wha-” Daniel opened the door to find Avellena and Weide standing there. “Councillors?”

“May we come in? We wish to talk with you privately.” Weide cast a meaningful glance at Rilletta who just nodded in return.

“Of course.” Daniel stood aside and let the two Dryads enter. “How may I help you?”

Weide took a breath. “The Council have been talking with your father and Sarah. We feel it’s necessary to inform the other communities of what is happening. Will you release us from our promise not to reveal your identity?”

“I…” Daniel stared at them. That was one request he hadn‘t been expecting. Though perhaps he should have been. “I don’t know… is it really necessary?”

“Well, we can work around that bit of the story if we need to, I guess.” Avellena sounded dubious. “But it’ll be obvious we’re omitting something, and I think your siblings need to know that you aren’t their enemy.”

“And if my father is right, Karen will work it out anyway.” He chewed thoughtfully on his lip. “But I’ve made enemies and they may decide to use the others against me.”

“Karen does need to know that the traitor is still alive, Daniel,” Ebona said. “He seemed to have an interest in her, and I’ll bet that she thinks he’s dead. Even a momentary lapse from shock could prove fatal in a fight.”

Daniel winced. “That’s a very good point, Eb. Dad will probably warn her himself, but once he does they’ll know everything anyway.” He looked back at the dryads. “Very well, I release you from your promise. I just hope that no one tries to use them against me.”

“They’ll probably be too busy panicking over your father’s identity,” Avellena said. “Matthias was your predecessor and helped recreate the guardian system. If he really meant us any harm…”

“That is worrisome,” Ebona agreed. “But I don’t think he’d do that. It would help the dragons too much.”

“I’m sure you are right,” Avellena agreed. “I also think that you can safely trust him to look after Mela. If you really don’t want to trust him, have you considered asking Sarah?”

“That… that’s actually not a bad idea.” Daniel glanced out at the lightening sky. “I’ll talk to her after I’ve slept.”

Weide gave a soft laugh. “I think that’s a hint for us to get out and let him sleep, Av.”


Kyle and Darya were with Ystelyan when Rilletta’s imp flew into the throne room. It was doing acrobatic little flips which suggested that its creatrix was in a good mood when she made it.

“I guess things are going well,” Kyle said.

“Well, Rill certainly thinks they are,” Ystelyan agreed as he held out his hand to the imp and absorbed it. Then he chuckled. “Oh that’s clever, Rill, very clever.”

“What’s she done?”

“She introduced a water imp into the sap of the trees of Waldhafen and set it to watch Melusine when she can’t. It’s harmless so it doesn’t breach the truce. It just overheard an interesting conversation between the Dark Warrior and two of the councillors. Tell me, do you think the Life Warrior could protect Melusine?”

“Doctor Tyler?” Kyle frowned. “Well, she’s pretty strong and very skilled. It’s entirely possible she could, unless Gerian went after her himself. If she takes Melusine to Earth that’s unlikely. You and the others will dogpile him if he goes there himself.”

“Hmm… and he knows that. Rill’s right, this could work.”

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10 Responses to “Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Nine Part Seven”

  1. Krynne says:

    I’m a tad confused about Matthias and Mike… and which is which. I thought Mike was the name of Daniel’s father, while Matthias was the name of his father’s heart friend. However, people (including Daniel’s mother) are calling Daniel’s father Matt, not Mike nor are they acting any different in treating him as the correct person like they would if he’d been ‘replaced’ or similar. Am I overlooking something or have I misread something? Or will this be revealed in a later installment?

    • admin says:

      Hi again,

      They’re the same person. Mike is an assumed name. I refer you to Chapter 8 part 2 where this happens…

      ““Goblins are good with antidotes, Ma-” his mother began. Daniel saw his father tap her foot with his and she hesitated slightly then continued. “Mike. You know that.””

      And Daniel’s reaction to Sarah’s use of the name in chapter 9 part 5:

      “Matt? That wasn’t his father’s name… except hadn’t his mother nearly used that name for him earlier?”

      Matthias’s heart friend was was Dariad’s father Indirian.

      Hope that clarifies things.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Krynne says:

        Ahhhh, ok that does clarify things a bit! So many people with very similar sounding names. I’m terrible at remembering names… if someone doesn’t continuously yell it at me for an hour straight I forget it within seconds LOL! Thanks much for letting me know!

  2. Amy says:

    I enjoyed all the interplay going on here. Well worked, imo. Thanks for letting us all read your work. It is, for me a great way to take a quick break from all of my linguistic research.

  3. mjkj says:

    Poor Mela *comforts her* yeah, I believe Dr. Sarah Tyler will take good care of her…

    So they think spying and eavesdropping is not in violation with the truce? Strange…

    Well, Karen and the others will get the confirmation soon. I hope they will accept it amicably. I wonder what the next family meeting will be like…

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