Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Four Part Three

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The sphere exploded in Savira’s face and she staggered back, shaking her head. The wave hit Daniel as well but only disorientated him slightly. He didn’t think the aftereffects of the explosion would stop her for long, so he took advantage of her distraction to dart past her and through the door, sprinting towards where he could feel his father and the others approaching.

He had gone only a few steps when the entire building shuddered and the floor heaved, almost throwing him to the floor. The main attack must have started. He recovered his balance and pelted towards the others again. He didn’t get far because Savira rocketed into him from behind and he found himself tussling with her on the floor. She was screaming with rage and beating at him with her fists, but the sharpness of her mental attacks suggested that she was not as incoherent as she was acting. Fending off her physical attacks was easy, but mentally her greater skill showed as she slipped an attack through a chink in his shields and pain exploded along his nerves. It was all he could do to stay conscious through the pain; continuing fighting was impossible. He couldn’t even keep himself from screaming. All he could do was clench his fists and hope the others reached him before she killed him.

He wasn’t sure how long the pain lasted before it cut off abruptly and her weight was gone from his back just as suddenly. He lay there a moment breathing and letting his relief wash over him before opening his eyes to see his father and one of the dragons from their team squaring off against Savira.

Daniel tried to sit up but Eritan stopped him.

“Don’t,” he said. “Matthias-idan asked me to look after you and Savira got some of her venom into you. Not much, since you’re not feeling it yet, but enough to cause you trouble if it’s not contained, especially since she encapsulated it.” He held a flask to Daniel’s lips. “Fortunately, Darlrydan-mirian gave us the antidote. It’ll hold it at bay until we can get the capsule removed – it’s not my skill I’m afraid. Alaryia-miria would probably be best.”

“I can’t drink it lying down,” Daniel pointed out mildly and Eritan finally let him sit up. “Thanks.” He took the flask and gulped down the warm, spicy contents. Only as the warmth spread out from his stomach did he realise that he had actually been feeling the first effects of Savira’s toxin, but such had been his relief of her attack stopping that the more minor pain hadn’t registered until the antidote washed it away. He mentioned that to Eritan who nodded.

“That does make sense,” he said. “And makes it more imperative that you don’t move too much. The capsule of her essence is still leaking, I can feel it. If you move around, you’ll spread the toxin more quickly.” He pushed the flask into Daniel’s hand again. “Sip that whenever your symptoms return. I’m going to help your father.” Eritan rose to his feet and charged towards the battle.

Daniel took another sip of the antidote and shifted around slightly so he could watch the fight – just in time to see Savira fling the young dragon who’d been helping his father into the wall head first.

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