Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Six Part Twelve

October 12th, 2015  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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“You know, if the other families knew we were having clandestine meetings they’d assume we were plotting against them,” Julie said.

“Which is why it’s not clandestine,” Matthias said. “The other families know about our meeting and several families are holding meetings – and anyone, even enemies, can request scrying access at any time during the meetings.”

“And no one told us about this,” Julie said “I think people still don’t trust us.”

“It’s not that,” Matthias said. “It was worked out between those of us who were hosting. Alex’s idea after Carrie was adamant I’d be plotting against her given half a chance.”

“You would,” Julie said drily. “And she you.”

“It’s silly,” he said. “Allied families have meetings all the time.”

“Not in such close quarters,” Sonia said. “That’s the real issue here. Carrie is definitely paranoid about Matt having meetings in her vicinity.”

“I don’t like that woman,” Daniel said. “Do you know what she did?”

“Yes,” Matthias said. “Alex told me. Told me what she saw as well.”

“Oh! I didn’t know that she saw it as well,” he said.

“Everyone in the merge would have seen it,” Sonia said. “Matt’s had quite a few ear chewings already. You’ve got to admit it’s a crazy thing to happen by accident.”

“Crazy is one word for it,” Daniel said. “One day we’re going to have to have a long conversation about that because I still don’t understand how you let him do that to me. Shouldn’t you have known?”

“And sooner rather than later I think,” Matthias said. “It has to do with where I was when he was doing it. We’ll talk after the meeting. I should have realised something was off with him after that. He shouldn’t have known.”

“Where you were?” julie askd.

“That too,” Matthias said. “But that could have been bad luck. No, he knew what would happen if he took Daniel’s bracelet by force.”

“Shit!” Karen said. “That’s what he did to Dan? Damn!”

“He knew?” Kiataran said. “How would he have known that? It’s a design flaw in the bracelets and they were made long after he was imprisoned.”

“Maybe Huldre told him?” Lydia suggested.

“No,” Laxmi was seated in the corner holding her knees and looking pensive. “He didn’t know it would have that effect. He was just planning to use the exhaustion to force Daniel’s compliance and to put him in a state where I could get the initial tuning done. He was rather shocked when he started screaming like that. But That didn’t stop him taking advantage of it but it actually distracted him until he figured it out. Not many things could distract him.”

Daniel snorted. “Oh, God, so it really was accidental torture? To start with anyway.”

“What did he figure out?” Matthias asked.

“Why it was happening.” She frowned. “I didn’t understand his explanation so then he said it’s a bit like a computer virus disguised as a bug and he didn’t have time to make an anti-virus yet.”

“He was saying it was deliberate?” Matthias stared at her. “And he intended to fix it at some point?”

She nodded solemnly. “He made some notes and said he’d fix it when he had time because it was really dangerous beyond the pain thing if anyone ever activated the full system. He was offended such a thing existed. Considering some of the things he made that probably puts it in the downright evil category.”

“What happened to the notes?” Matthias asked urgently. “Id like to see what he was thinking.”

“Oh, they’re probably still in the other lab. I can take you there after the meeting.”

A/N: Haventon Fans. I’m looking for one line reviews of Book One to use in a book trailer. If you want to help please leave your reviews in comments.

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