Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Three Part Two

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Two different kinds of hunger woke Lydia the next morning: both the not-unexpected hunger for energy but the more normal hunger for physical food. She lay there staring at the ceiling as she tried to decide which she should deal with first. She still hadn’t decided when there was a quiet rap on the door. She sat up and realise Karen wasn’t there. Had she already got up or had she not come back last night? She looked back at the door as the knock was repeated. “Come in!”

“Morning, Lyd.” Her mother came in carrying a tray with Lyrrekka behind her. “How are you feeling?”

“Hungry,” Lydia admitted. “In both senses of the word.”

“Well this should sort out one kind of hunger.” Sonia handed her the tray. “And then we’ll find a volunteer for you to feed on.”

“Thanks, mum.” Lydia tucked into the scrambled eggs on toast. After a few moments she frowned. “Should I be feeling hungry so soon?”

“I can’t say for sure, given that most of us always feel hungry.” Lyrrekka said. “But it doesn’t surprise me. Your reserves will sap very quickly until your energy settles, so it follows that you’ll feel hungry when you do.”

“I see.” Lydia finished her breakfast before swinging her legs out of be. “Where’s Kaz?”

“Oh, she’s been up for a couple of hours.” Sonia helped her stand up because he legs were still a bit wobbly. “She’s helping Matt with something. I think we’ll ask Dan to let you feed. I’d do it but apparently I still have to coddle my essence to avoid a relapse. Can you walk?”

“I’m fine, mum,” Lydia said. “Just a bit shaky.”

“Okay.” Sonia helped her through the door and down the stairs.

They found Daniel outside on the lawn. He was brushing Ebona’s mane and tail while she and Kenna ate a plate of minced beef. He looked around as they came out and hurried over.

“Lyd! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Dan,” Lydia said. “But… um…”

“You need to feed again?” he asked. “Kelaria said that you probably would.” He held out his hand to her. “Go on then.”

“Thanks!” Lydia took his hand and carefully drew on his energy until her hunger faded, then she sighed in relief and released his hand. “Thanks, Dan.”

“You’re welcome, Lyd,” he said. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“As much as I can be,” she said. “I mean, my essence hurts a bit when it’s poked but it’s better than the alternative and it’ll ease off soon, I think.”

“Lyd!” Andrew’s voice came from the door. “You’re awake!” He hurried across the lawn. For once, Naria wasn’t there. “Nari is with her councillor at Ystelyan’s palace. She’ll be back soon,” he said before she could ask.

“Am I that obvious?” Lydia asked.

“You and Dan both,” he said. “Nari and I are going to see Lucas again when she gets back.” He hesitated. “Melissa wants to know if you want to see her as well?”

“Melissa is your councillor?” Lydia asked.

Andrew nodded.

“That’s probably not a bad idea,” she said. “I think I’m okay but talking with someone can’t hurt.”

“I’ll arrange it then,” Sonia said. “Let’s go find Matt and Kaz and see what they are up to.”

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