Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Two Part Five

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“Who are you?” Lydia asked. “What do you mean I’m changing faster than I should?”

“I told you, I’m a friend of Anda’s,” the stranger replied. “And I can see the changes in your essence and I wouldn’t expect it to be in this stage for another few hours. How do your shoulders feel?”

“Worse,” Lydia said. “I feel like I’m being stabbed in the back of my shoulders.”

“Tsk! I wouldn’t be surprised if your wings break out any time.” Gentle fingertips touched her shoulders. “It feels almost like your body doesn’t want to be human and is actively seeking reshaping, but that makes no sense.”

“Huh?” Lydia couldn’t help opening her eyes at that. The room span so violently that she retched and closed her eyes again with only the briefest glimpse of the woman’s silver eyes. “Why is it spinning?”

“Kithra works to different rules, Lydia-ida. Unless you accommodate, your senses won’t be able to see it properly. I wouldn’t recommend it either. It’s not a pleasant–” She broke off as another blast shook the room, followed by a loud cracking noise. “Ah! They are through. Come on.” She scooped Lydia into her arms and started running.
Daniel couldn’t help flinching as they charged past the battle that had begun as soon as they had breached the walls. It was already a bloodbath, with multicoloured blood rendering the floor slick and corpses threatening to block their path. Fortunately they swept past the battle swiftly and once inside the walls, they paused to catch their breaths and get their bearings.

Can you sense Andrian, Xantaria or any of the other idri? Alaryia asked.

Only Anda and Xantaria, Takilyan said. He seems to just be avoiding us and she apparently tried to hold her wards past any common sense and is out cold… he hesitated. No, wait, there’s someone else and they have Lydia with them. Who is that?

I don’t know, Darlydan said. They are hiding themselves but letting us sense Lydia. They are heading towards us fast as well. Do you think it’s a trap?

If it is we should go and spring it, Indaturan said.

Yes, let’s, Matthias said.

“Here they come,” Lydia’s helper said. “And not a moment too soon, I think. That was easier than I feared. I’ll leave you here, Lydia-ida. There’s some of your allies who would not be happy to see me.” She laid Lydia down on what felt like a sofa. “Good luck” She was gone before Lydia could thank her.

A moment later she heard a large group people run up and felt her mother hug her.

Okay, we got her. Alaryia said. Let’s get out of here.

“Good idea.” Sonia helped her to her feet, As she did the stabbing in Lydia’s shoulders became a ripping, tearing pain and then she felt something burst out of her shoulders.

Damn, move now! That was Indaturan. And let’s hope it’s not too late.

No one replied to that but Matthias pulled Lydia into his arms and then she felt them pass through a gate and the pain and nausea eased enough for her to pass out into blessed unconsciousness.

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  1. torvawk says:


    Wait, could it be their attempts to look like the kitra before helped prepare them for the transformation?

    • Nandan says:

      I’m betting it’s more along the lines of her having spent a short time on Kithra when she was a baby, when she first met her mentor. This must’ve “primed” her body to adapt much faster to Kithra’s environment at the first new chance it got.

  2. White Tiger says:

    Ooh, good idea! I hope she will be okay, it doesn’t sound nice to be a Kithreia. Lydia is one of my favourites, she was always a little bit special. Maybe it has something t do with the dragons. You have to be a Kithreia before being made into a dragon right? And Lydia already has links with several dragons AND she has connections to the void. Maybe she is the key to closing the tear or fixing the hunger thing… Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

  3. M.A. says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Rebecca Sutton says:

    Yay! My readers are speculating in comments! *Rolls around happily in the comments!*

    (Not going to comment on the speculations except to say all will be revealed).

    • torvawk says:

      You know me. I have been guessing what you are planning next all the time. It is fun. Heck, it may give you ideas as well.

  5. mjkj says:

    Ah, happy belated birthday 😀


    …poor Lydia *hugs her*

    She has wings now … can she fly?

    …and did they make it in time? or were the wings a sign it was too late?

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