Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Four Part Seven

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Matthias reached out and touched the screen the same way Sarah had. After a moment his eyebrows shot up. “Well that’s interesting. Alarming but interesting.”

“What does she say?” Alexandra asked.

“It seems that one of the children in their program, a girl named Emily, had a precog at the same time our clairvoyants did,” Sarah said. “They did a bit of checking before Sophie sent the email and it seems Robert Cantrell – if he is really Robert – went to the authorities when he fled and somehow got them to listen. He’s told them about this meeting but told them we’re planning a coup and that we’re responsible for the pulse and the crack in the sky.”

“Which explains why they’re going to attack us,” Alexandra said. “I think we need this Emily here for the clarification, and I’d like to meet this Sophie as well. Would you invite them please?”

“Of course.” Matthias began creating an imp. “Could someone send one to Adrian? I’m sure he saw it too given how clairvoyant he is but best to be sure.”


Kyle had never seen anyone go over as hard to a precognitive vision as Adrian had. One minute they’d been discussing how they were going to rescue Kayleigh and the next Adrian had keeled over out of his chair and was twitching on the floor. Kyle might have thought he was having some sort of seizure but Indaturan knelt by him and laid one hand his forehead before frowning.

“He’s having a premonition, I can’t read the details, except it’s bad–”

“Well that’s obvious since it knocked him off his chair,” Ystelyan said drily. “I’ll arrange a bed for him – since it will probably take him a while to wake up. I wonder why it hit him so hard.”

“I saw Sean pass out a time or two,” Kyle said. “But he never convulsed.”

“Passing out is not uncommon,” Indaturan said. “But this is more. It suggests something happened to him personally in his premonition.” He bit his lip. “Could you have a healer attend him please? Experiencing something like that can do you injury.”

“I’d imagine,” Ystelyan said. “Of course I will.” He looked up as a glowing imp appeared and started flapping around above Adrian’s head. “Well it looks like he’s not alone in having a premonition.” He caught the imp in one hand. “You’ll have to wait until he wakes up, little one.” He turned as a pair of goblins entered with a stretcher and watched as they settled Adrian on to it before releasing the imp. It immediately flew over and curled up on the unconscious young man’s chest like a cat. “Take him to a spare chamber and ask Mal to attend to him, please.”

“Of course, my mirian.” Both goblins bowed before lifting the stretcher and leaving quickly.

“I wish they’d sent me or Kyle an imp as well,” Ystelyan said. “But they probably never imagined that Adrian might be unconscious. I’d better send an imp myself to tell them what happened.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Wow, that was quite hard…
    Maybe they still can get Robert before he arrives at the authorities?

  2. Chunkybutt647 says:

    And to add to that thought about Robert from MJKJ, is it really Robert or is it actually that Kitherian fellow????? And the plot thickens once again….

    But i doubt they could get to him first because they really didnt have a precog about him going within the families and if they are striking that night he would have probably already told them by the time they got the premonition or it would be rather soon before they had anytime to get him sadly.

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