The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Part Two

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Lydia took a moment to orientate herself when they emerged outside the block of flats. The point where they had arrived was right where they had been in the vision. Given the curfew and the brightness of the street lights, she looked around for any sign of police or soldiers.

Dan, have you got us concealed? she asked.

Of course, he said. No one will notice us unless we do something obvious, I promise.

She gave a sigh of relief and turned her attention to the entrance of the flats. The Kithreian isn’t here yet and I think we have about half an hour before sunrise. Let’s get into position.

Good plan, Daniel said. Kelaria, could you help Naria deal with him as soon as he arrives? Let’s have him out of the way by the time the girl appears.

Of course, Daniel-idan, she said. Come on, Naria-alra.

Naria nodded and the two of them ran towards the building and leapt up to the top of the porch to wait.

It was about ten minutes later that a small gate opened just above the porch and the Kithreian flew through and took his post. Lydia could tell that Daniel’s wards were holding because the Kithreian was obviously unaware of the two dragons until Kelaria leapt on him and covered his mouth with her hand while Naria bound him in ropes of blue fire. For a moment it looked like he would submit but then he sent off a wave of water. Naria’s firey ropes exploded in a burst of green steam and the two dragons were knocked away from him.

He leapt down, turned to face the two dragons and growled something in draconic that Lydia couldn’t quite catch, before shooting waves of water at them. Both dragons leapt out of the way and one of the blasts smashed into the corner of the block of flats, taking a large lump out of the concrete.

He says that they aren’t supposed to be here, Kyle said before Lydia could ask. But he hopes that his mistress will reward him if he kills the two of them on top of his mission.

Damn! Lydia said. This is going to get messy. Just what I didn’t want.

On the upside he thinks it’s just them, Julie said. He doesn’t know that we’re here yet. Do you want him alive? Because we can probably kill him easier than capture him given that we need to stop this fast. He’s strong enough to destroy the area.

So are we. Lydia hesitated. I’d prefer to capture him alive. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to be possible. We need to take him down fast but try to avoid too much property damage. And make sure we get that vial intact. She leapt from her hiding place and raced towards the Kithreian as Bennu swept in from above and clawed at his scalp.

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