The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Eight Part Six

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“How do you want to handle this?” Lucas asked as they made their way back towards the school.

“Hmm…” Matthias said. “It’s a quandary, isn’t it? We need to find out what’s going on – but once we do, how long will we be able to stop our enemies from finding out we know?”

“Not long, I’m afraid,” Darylyan said. “Xantaria doesn’t trust humans. She’ll be checking up on them regularly.” He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “And you can’t keep them here. I doubt she’ll rescue them but as soon as she realises, she’ll move to silence them.”

“And there’s the problem of the rest of the Cantrells,” Sarah said. “We can’t just grab the head of another family. There’d be uproar. And that’s leaving aside the fact we don’t know who else she’s subverted.” She tutted to herself. “Let’s go and discuss the meeting with Ystelyan and come up with a plan. Cantrell doesn’t appear to be boxed and he’s not especially good at keeping secrets. Maybe we can make him slip up.”

“That’s not a bad idea, Sal,” Matthias said. “Let’s do that. As to Kayleigh, maybe we can rebox her once we’ve finished finding out what she knows.”

“Urgh!” Lucas said. “Maybe, but we’d have to get her consent. I don’t think it’s possible to box a person without it. I certainly don’t know how, if it is.”

“So we need to get her to switch sides?” Matthias said. “We’ll see…” He looked at Adrian. “Do you think you can stop her finding out that you know until we decide how to approach this?”

Adrian looked a little ill at the thought but nodded. “I can. Though I think it’ll make my skin crawl.”




“I wasn’t expecting you to return tonight, given the message Kyle sent me after you rescued Salia’s heart friend,” Ystelyan said when they reappeared in his throne room. “Did something change?”

“Yes,” Matthias said. “The situation got more complicated and we need to think about how to approach this without alerting–” He paused. “I’m getting ahead of myself. I’d better tell you what we found out.”

“It sounds like it.” Ystelyan turned to Darylyan. “Can we dispense with the formalities for the sake of brevity?”

“Of course. You already know I’m not here to cause trouble.”

Ystelyan chuckled briefly then looked back at Matthias. “Please continue, Matthias-idan.”

He listened as Matthias told him about them following Kayleigh and hissed sharply when he told them about Xantaria and Andarian.

“You’re sure?” he asked then looked again at Darylyan. “Stupid question – of course you are. What is she up to?”

“We couldn’t get close enough to hear,” Matthias said. “We need to work out how to question Kayleigh and Garrett without Xantaria finding out.”

“Yes, that is a pretty puzzle,” Ystelyan agreed. “We’ll discuss it after we make arrangements for your meeting with Indaturan-mirian. I really think it needs to be as soon as possible.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Ah, more problems…

    *sighs* Why can not anything go smoothly…

    Well, I hope we will get clarity about Kayleigh soon.


    PS: I wonder though, we hardly see the quads get adventures anymore – now it is mostly the adults that (need to) deal with everything – will there be a change in focus soon-ish? (Not that it is boring or anything – which it is not – but I am missing them… – they were the main and center figures but now they have “just” side roles – it is true that at the moment the adults need to deal with the situation – but that makes me miss them because the adults deal with it for quite a while now…)

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      At the moment it’s the way the story has developed. There will be more focus on the quads again later.

      • mjkj says:

        Ah, that is nice, thank you.
        Well, it was just something that caught my attention.

        Thank you.

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