The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Nine Part Eleven

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“We’ve been told you want to return to Earth.” Matthias said. “Are you aware how much it has changed?”

Indaturan nodded. “I am, but that just makes me more intrigued. It sounds interesting if a bit crowded.”

“Interesting is one word,” Matthias said. “There are others. But even non-aggressive dragons can be a major threat if they get injured. I know from Lyr that this isn’t a risk for you but if you want Earth to be safe for dragons in general–“

“Dragons need to be safe to Earth,” Indaturan said. “I know. That’s why I asked about those collars of yours.”

“I know,” Matthias said. “But even if we can adapt them to only suppress frenzy it’s not ideal. What if they get damaged?”

“That is a danger,” Indaturan agreed. “But it’s–”

“I have a theory that might solve the problem.” Darlryan was standing in the doorway. “And I would like to test it. May I join you?”

“Dar!” Indaturan rose to his feet. “I didn’t know you were still here. It’s good to see you, old friend.”

“I’m helping with the antidote to Xantaria’s venom,” he said. “I was just bringing another batch in since I knew Matthias-idan was here and heard what you were discussing.”

“Yes, please join us,” Ystelyan said. “I’m sure your theory will be interesting at least.”

“Thank you.” Darlryan took a spare seat at the table. “I’ll start at the beginning. I don’t think that those born dragon or exile have no heart friend because they aren’t human: I think, though I can’t prove it yet, that it’s simply because they aren’t born on Earth.”

“That’s possible, but how would we test it? I doubt any of the female dragons currently on Earth would volunteer to get pregnant just as an experiment – and it wouldn’t help those already born.”

“No one needs to get pregnant,” Darlryan said. “And it would help those already born as well – if I’m right.”

“I don’t understa–” Indaturan began but was interrupted by Lydia clapping her hands and laughing.

“Oh! I get it!” she said. “Like Julie.”

“Exactly,” Darlyran said. “If I’m right then if we send the egg of a dragon in transition to Earth, they should form a bond the same way Julie did while she was in her egg. It was finding out about her that brought it to mind.”

Indaturan hummed to himself. “That’s actually a workable theory,” he said finally. “But it’s still awkward to test. You can’t cart someone’s egg off to Earth without having asked them first. They might not want a heart friend.” He gave Darlyran a sideways look. “You know that, right?”

Darlyran chuckled. “Yes, Ind, I do know that. I’m not in descent so my ethics are fully functional. I have a couple of kedri who are approaching transition through simple age and they are willing to try it.”

“Dragons age?” Matthias asked.

“Physically yes, unless we can stop it,” Indaturan replied. “Kedri in general aren’t strong enough to do more than slow it. Even some Alrari aren’t. Most of them self-trigger a transition when it gets too much for them.”

“It’s a reasonable theory, Matt,” Sonia said. “And it would be a good test. We’d know quickly enough and I wouldn’t mind raising a couple more kids – even if they were dragons.”

“It’s certainly something to discuss anyway,” Matthias agreed. “It would help avoid culture shock as well.” He looked at his watch. “But I think the kids should get going soon if they are to sleep enough tonight.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Nice theory – hmmm, dragons with heart friends…
    They might be able to balance them and keep them from frenzying – stable dragons…

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      Since it works that way for those dragons who were born human it’s a very good theory. That’s why he wants to test it. 😀

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