The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Seven Part Nine

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“That might be tricky. There’s enough storm affinity children the right age that we’ve never been able to narrow it down much.” Matthias looked back at where Salia was talking animatedly with Karilya and cleared his throat. The girls looked up at him.

“Tell us about your dream, Salia,” he said.

Salia’s eyes darkened. “It was dark and she was running. Someone was dragging her by the hand and they were running from something. Whatever it was, it wanted her.” She gave a perplexed frown. “It felt cold.”

Naria made a hissing noise. “Like this?” she asked. The sensation she projected was that of Laxmi’s claws.

“Yes!” Salia said. “Well, almost. Worse than that.”

“She’s being chased by the Lost Ones?” Adrian said. “Shit! Poor girl.”

“At least knowing she’s female narrows it down a bit,” Matthias said. “But maybe we can narrow it down further.” He knelt down by Salia. “In you dream did you see anyone’s face?” He asked.

“No- wait, yes!” Salia scrunched up her eyes as she concentrated. An image of a dark haired woman appeared in their minds. She was running and looking over her shoulder frantically. Her hazel eyes were wide with fear. “I think that’s her mother.”

“Claire!” Matthias gasped. “That’s Claire Aylmer.” He swore quietly. “I guess we know why the Aylmers weren’t at the meeting, then. Salia’s heart friend must be her little girl.”

“There’s no time to waste,” Ystelyan said. “You have to go and rescue them before the Lost Ones corner them.”

“But we don’t know where they are,” Matthias pointed out.

“Easily remedied.” Ystelyan held out his hand and the Seeker’s pendant appeared in it. “You’ll find them if you have Darya use this. It’ll be even easier since you have Princess Salia with you.”

“I don’t think we should take Salia into a fight,” Matthias said.

“I want to come!” Salia said. “I’m not safe anyway while she’s in danger, am I?”

“She’s right, Matt,” Valeria said. “You have to find the girl as fast as possible so we’ll have to come with you.” She gave a strained chuckle at Matt’s look. “I’m not letting my moppet go into danger without being there to protect her.”

“I’ll help guard her as well,” Julie said.

“Actually we could do with you and Marama helping out with the fight,” Matthias said. “These creatures don’t like light.”

“And by don’t like light he means they melt like a Holywood vampire,” Adrian said.

Julie raised an eyebrow. “That’s interesting – I wonder why that happens?” She scowled thoughtfully. “Very well. I’ll help get rid of them: that would preserve her highness’s safety more effectively than my merely guarding her anyway.”

“We’ll need to go back and pick up some more fighters.” Matthias looked thoughtful. “And Laxmi, I think. She may well be able to help.”

“Soy and I will help if you’ll allow it,” Adrian said.

“Please,” Matthias said. “We need everyone we can get.” He turned to Ystelyan. “We’ll come back once we’ve seen the Aylmer’s to safety – we still need to sort out this meeting with Indaturan.”

“Of course,” Ystelyan said. “Good luck.”

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