The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Three Part One

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Karen had seen some strange precognitive dreams in her time but the one Karilya was showing them was one of the strangest. Try as she might she couldn’t understand how the graceful pale blue ice tower could be looming over a British town unseen, apparently superimposed over the town.

It’s in a pocket, like the place Likadrian was holding Andrew, Lyrrekka said. I think it’s Alsia’s. I didn’t know she kept a fortress on Earth – I probably should have.

Alsia is one of the exiles, right? Sarah asked.

Yes, she’s a blue ida with an ice affinity. And that looks just like her palace on Kithra. She hesitated. But Alsia is okay. I wonder why-

She broke off as fire exploded from the top of the tower and it was torn into the normal world, flattening the houses that had been there first. A moment later a red-haired woman with silver eyes and fiery silver wings came smashing through the ice and landed hard on her back several hundred yards away. Before she could recover a dark-skinned, blue eyed woman with ice wings the same colour as the tower flew out after her and dived at her ice sword darting for her throat.

That’s Alsia-ida, Lyrrekka said. She looks pissed off. I think the other is Pynaria-ida. I never met her but she fits the description and void knows Alsia hates her. But what’s this got to do with Anthony, Kari?

Look! Karilya mentally gestured to the periphery of her vision.

The town was burning, probably as a result of the explosion, but snow started falling as they watched and the fire guttered and went out in a very unnatural way. After a moment Karen realised that she could see both Anthony and Andrew floating above the town and that they were responsible for stopping the fire.

Do we know where this is? Anthony asked.

Not yet, Sarah said. But I spotted some landmarks so we’ll find out. It looks and feels like early autumn so we have a few weeks. In the meantime do you think Alsia would accept an imp from you, Lyr?

I don’t know. She doesn’t like dragons – most Kithreia don’t – but she’s not stupid. It’s worth sending her one and hoping she realises that it must be important. I think she will.

You like her, Anthony noted.

She saved my life when I went after Marian, Lyrrekka replied. That gives me a little bias in her favour.

Yes, I imagine it would, he said. But I agree with your little one. You are going to need me – probably more than just me and Andrew. I’d be amazed if we can handle a fire that size without help.

And one thing’s for sure, Sarah added. If we don’t stop this, the entire country if not the world will know what’s going on. That tower will see to that. Before she could say more there was tapping at the kitchen door.

The two teens they’d rescued the day before were standing there, both holding empty plates and cutlery and looking very nervous. Karen ran over and opened the door for them.

“Just dump them in the sink,” she said. “How are you both feeling? Don’t worry, we don’t bite.”

The teens did as she said before turning to look at them. After a moment Paul blurted.

“Who are you? Where is this? What the hell happened yesterday? May says mother was killed and I just went crazy and caused an ice storm. I don’t understand how could I cause an ice storm?”

“That’s a lot of questions,” Sarah said. “And only a couple have simple answers. Sit down and have a cup of tea and I’ll try and explain without upsetting you more.” She reached out and squeezed the young man’s hands. “But yes, I’m afraid it’s true that your mother was killed. From what your sister said it was an attempted robbery.” She paused as he sank into one of the kitchen chairs and started sobbing as his sister hugged him. “Make some more tea, Kaz. I think we’re going to need it.”

“Of course.” Karen smiled at the teens sympathetically. “I’m sorry.”

A/N: As of posting the Presale for “The Storm Child” has 25 backers, $430 and 5 days to go!

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