The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Three Part Twelve

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“She wants Taloa; I’m sure you know that,” Yedan said.

“Yes,” Matthias said. “But from what I know that ought to be impossible.”

“Xantaria won’t let ‘ought’ get in the way of her trying,” Yedan said. “She can’t conceive of being wrong.”

“Ah, I’ve known a few people like that,” Matthias said. “But how does she intend to do it? She can’t rewrite the laws of the universe.”

“The rumours say she doesn’t intend to,” Yedan said. “She’s interested in the world not the whole universe. What she has in mind is separating it from the universe. Which is… well easier, I guess. Though that feels like the wrong word. Is there a word for slightly less impossible?”

“She’s planning to move Taloa into a more habitable universe?” Lyrrekka exclaimed. “That’s ridiculous. It’s too big.”

“That’s one rumour. The other is she intends to create a very large bubble.”

“A bubble large enough to contain a planet wouldn’t be stable,” Sonia said sharply. “Not without constant energy input and maintenance.” She froze and the blood drained from her face. “Oh God, I think I know why the Lost One’s prison is such a hell. It’s a huge bubble and she’s using their own power to maintain it. Partly, anyway. It’s not quite world sized – well maybe a medium sized asteroid – but I don’t think their energy would be enough to maintain it.”

“Maybe that’s why it’s broken down?” Lyrrekka frowned and shook her head. “No it lasted too long before it started to disintegrate. I’d say she used Likadrian’s power – but then how did he escape? There’s something else. The stories say the prison had a key.”

“My mother saw that once!” Yedan interrupted. “The rebels stole it just before all this started. She said Xantaria raged publically but seemed inordinately pleased in private when that happened.”

“Hmm… interesting… Hopefully Alaryia-miria will know something,” Lyrrekka said. “She should get back to us soo-” She broke off and smiled as a glowing imp appeared. “Speak of the devil.” She held out her hand and absorbed it. “Ah! She invites us and Yedan here to join her for dinner to discuss the problem.”

“Tell her yes,” Matthias said after a long moment’s thought. “And find out what time she expects us.” He turned back to Yedan. “We’ve wandered a bit far afield. Do you know any more?”

Yedan shook his head. “I’m sorry. I wish I did. But while the details vary the rumours are all the same.”

“Do you know anything about why she’s using a neurotoxin based on her venom on people?” Matthias asked.

“She’s what?” Yedan straightened and looked at him. “Is that why that man attacked Naria-alra? I knew that something was wrong but I had no idea Xantaria-ida was behind it.” He tilted his head and tutted thoughtfully. “I’m not really that surprised though. It’s the sort of thing she’d do if it furthers her plans. I’m not sure how it does though. I wish I could help more since you said you’d help me and I feel like I haven’t done enough.”

“You’ve done enough,” Matthias said. “At least we have some idea what we need to think about and prepare for. What’s she likely to do about your capture?”

Yedan shook his head. “I don’t know. Nothing, I hope. If she does do something it will be bad.” He hesitated and shuddered. “The fact she summoned me when you captured me even though I’m sure she knew I couldn’t escape suggests she will do something.”

“I see,” Matthias said. “I’ll bear that in mind. For now we’d better get ready to visit Alaryia.”

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