The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Two Part Nine

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Lyrrekka sat down on the arm of the chair and took Anthony’s proffered hand with a smile. Both of them closed their eyes and their auras flared up and fused. Just a moment later he jerked back and gasped.

“Oh, Lydia! It is you.” He sounded close to tears.

Andrew jumped when Anthony used Lydia’s name but then remembered that Lyrrekka’s human name had been Lydia as well. He was about to comment when he felt Lyrrekka reach out to him and Naria.

Would the two of you come into the link? He’s willing to trust me because he knows me but he wants proof that Naria-alra isn’t evil.

What? Andrew was outraged. After what he did-

It’s okay, Drew, Naria said. It’s understandable and it’ll help me know he’s not going to attack me again as well. She hestitated for a moment before adding. Let me lead us into the link. Dragons find it easier than humans for some reason.

Andrew scowled a moment. But why do I have to be part of it at all?

Because of our bond. silly, Naria said. We are excessively tangled. If I enter their link, I’ll drag you along whether you want it or not – and believe me it’s easier if you’re agreeable. You know if we do decide to keep it we should probably try and loosen it slightly. I’m not sure this is healthy.

Don’t you want to keep it? he asked anxiously.

I do want to keep it, she said. But probably not this close.

It might get a little inconvenient, he agreed. Anyway I suppose we’d better this over with. He relaxed even further into the link between them and allowed her to take the lead.

He felt Naria wrap her mind even more securely around his then they dived together into Lyrrekka’s mind. Almost immediately, Andrew realised why Naria had said she should handle it – it was a most disconcerting sensation. He had the sense it would have been actively uncomfortable if he’d tried it himself but Naria was buffering him.

Yes, Naria said. That’s why humans find it difficult to merge with non-relatives. The Kithreia do as well, but we, for some reason, don’t.

At least not to a degree that inconveniences us, Lyrrekka added. Come on, though. Let’s finish this merge so Anthony can get his head around a non-evil dragon who hasn’t ever been human.

Of course, Lyrrekka-ida, Naria said and Andrew felt them being drawn deeper into Lyrrekka’s mind to where she was merged with Anthony. Naria dropped her internal shields and reached out to the man. Even as part of the merge and bonded to Naria, Andrew could only get a partial sense of what the two of them were communicating to each other and he had a sense that Lyrrekka was equally excluded.

I am, she agreed. It’s not surprising. It is a rather private thing.

I suppose that it is, he agreed. But is it safe?

Oh, yes, I wouldn’t have asked the two of you in if I hadn’t checked he wouldn’t attack her and I know she won’t attack him eith- She broke off and Anthony and Naria separated. Are both of you satisfied?

Yes, Naria said.

We are, Anthony agreed pensively. Andrew had the strangest sense the man was smiling at him rather than paying attention to Lyrrekka. You’ve got yourself a good one there, kid. You keep hold of her because I doubt you’d find a human who loves you as much as she does.

Wha- Andrew gawped a bit at that but Naria pulled him out of the merge before he could finish. He looked over at her and saw that her coppery cheeks had darkened further as she blushed.

“Did you have to tell him that?” she asked out loud.

“Yes,” he replied. “I think that I did. But more importantly I believe that both Astral and Draconic cultures would say that I owe you a major debt for attacking you without reason. What do you wish of me?”

“You do,” she agreed, still blushing furiously. “Although I will concede it wasn’t entirely your fault. As to what I wish of you. I want you to train Andrew to use his ability properly. His family being in hiding has left him without proper training.”

“No, that’s not enough.” Anthony waved that aside. “I’d do that anyway and it’s not even mildly inconveniencing since I’ll have to train Selene as well, now. There must be something else you want that I can do for you. Lunch maybe – more than one probably. I mean feeding must be a problem on Earth.”

“It is a little,” she said. “But I don’t need to feed at the moment. And you’re not well enough anyway, but I’ll bear it in mind. I’m sure I’ll think of something eventually. Right now, I’m happy to take an admission that you owe me and worry about payment later. We’ve more important things to worry about.”

“So I gather, though I think I’m still missing a lot of the details,” Anthony said. “Am I allowed downstairs now? I really need some breakfast and you can fill me in while I’m eating.”

A/N: As of posting the Presale for “The Storm Child”  has 21 backers, $340 and only 12 days to go!

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