The Dragon Wars Saga: Land of Myth Chapter Eighteen Part Nine

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Chapter Eighteen

Part Nine

“So what are we going to do?” Karen asked as soon as they were all ensconced in Waldhafen’s Great Hall. She tried to ignore the crowd that had gathered outside, but she could see the curious faces at every window staring at Alaryia. There was no feeling of hostility from the crowd but there was an unnerving undercurrent of fear and anxiety strong enough to make Karen’s skin itch. The first dragon, however, seemed unconcerned by the scrutiny.

“Sort out where we’re going and gather enough forces to rescue Andrew,” Sonia said.

“But we have so little time!” Karen said. “How do we do this?”

“Well, first I want to work out which dragons I can safely send home without them becoming just as big a threat as they would be in Jayden’s hands,” her father said.

“Disarm him as much as possible you mean just in case things go wrong?” Alaryia gave an approving grin. “That’s a good idea. Halia will help you with that, though I imagine Rill has opinions.” She paused and raised an eyebrow when Rilletta shook her head. “Rill?”

“Ystelyan is worried by the situation. He wants Naria-keda and Halindan-kedan freed, of course, but he wants them to help with this first. He’s really concerned about this Emms person.”

“He could send them back once their collars were off,” Matthias said.

Rilletta shook her head again. “They wouldn’t recover in time to help you, and you’ll need to be able to give them quick orders without worrying about being understood or keeping them close to you.”

He gave her a long look. “But if we lose-”

“We know,” she said. “Ystelyan knows you’ll do your best, given who’s at stake. And it’s his decision, so he won’t blame you for them still being bound if you do.” She hesitated. “He’s not as angry as he was, but he does still want to have a long word with you about binding them in the first place.”

“I’m sure,” he said blandly. “Though even if I’d been so inclined at the time I didn’t really have much choice. They were already bound when I found them at Elapyron and I had no way to free them.”

“Fair point.” Rilletta nodded. “And you treated them better.”

“I would hope so.” He looked over at Halia. “And the others?”

“Apart from Naria-keda and Halindan-kedan, most of the others are, well… you know,” Halia said. “It wouldn’t be safe for you to free them. To be honest, I’d even be doubtful about freeing Elzaria-kedan.” She gave the green dragon kneeling at Matthias’s feet an apologetic smile. “No offence, Elza. You’re a nice girl but your politics are terrible.”

“Well you would say that, wouldn’t you, Hal?” Elzaria said mildly. “In the sense she means, she’s probably right, dragon lord. I am your enemy and it’s highly unlikely I’ll change my mind.”

“I see.” He frowned worriedly. “Why?”

Lyrrekka looked away from watching across Kyle hesitantly – neither of them seemed quite ready to approach the other yet – and eyed Elzaria thoughtfully. “Is she one of Takilyan-mirian’s court?”

“Yes.” Elzaria gave Lyrrekka a sideways glance and virtually bit off the word. Tarian surged to his feet, but Lyrrekka laid a hand on his arm and shook her head. He muttered something in draconic and sat back down. A sound from across the room where Kyle was sitting with Rilletta and Darya drew Karen’s attention and she looked around to see he was on his feet as well.

“It’s okay.” Lyrrekka shook her head in amusement. “I’ve got a thick skin. I can take it.”

“Elza! That was rude!” Halia snapped.

“What was?” Sonia said.

“She didn’t use my name or honorific,” Lyrrekka explained. “It’s a mortal insult from a dragon of lower rank unless they know you. She doesn’t know me and it was certainly meant that way. I would assume because I used to be human. Takilyan-mirian is generally a bit more reasonable than Gerian but he really hates humans. It tends to rub off on his court.”

“Tak’s bitter about the exile,” Alaryia said. “But he’d certainly never approve of such rudeness.”

“Tell me about it.” Elzaria gave a wry snort. “He’s yelling at me about it, too.” She glanced over at Lyrrekka again. “My apologies for my rudeness, Lyrrekka-ida,” she said shortly.

“Apologies are better when you sound like you mean them, girl!” Tarian snarled.

“Hush, Tar. It’s okay, really,” Lyrrekka said. “We need to deal with getting the plan together and we need her help to do it.”

“There’s something I don’t understand, though,” Daniel said suddenly. He’d been sitting in the corner scowling to himself since they got back. “Why do they need Dad’s control system when they have their own?”

“Matthias-idan’s works better,” Halia said. “Their system can’t hold a dragon above kedri or a speaker of similar power level. His can hold alrari like me.”

“Yes, and I’m beginning to think Jayden deliberately let me find out about what was happening at Elapyron so I’d improve it. We’ll worry about the whys and wherefores later. We need a plan.”

“With the shortness of time we have, I’d say get Elzaria-keda to lead the way and jump in as many troops as possible and try to overwhelm them,” Alaryia said.

“We’ll send some of ours,” Shadavar said.

“But if we lose, Jayden will probably-” Matthias began.

“We know,” Shadavar said. “But we want to help and it’s a risk we’re willing to take.”

“I’d like to help, if you’ll permit it,” Tarian said.

Matthias eyed him thoughtfully. “Can you be trusted?” As he spoke Karen felt a slight zing in the air and realised her father was exerting his control. Tarian rocked back slightly.

“Yes, of course. It would upset Lyr if I betrayed you and I feel more loyalty to her than I ever did to Gerian.” He eyed Matthias reproachfully. “You didn’t have to do that when there’s a unicorn in the room.”

Matthias ignored that. “Then yes, you can help. Who else?”

Halia raised her hand and he shook his head.

“No, Halia. I want you here to treat any injured.” He looked over at Alaryia. “Would you help with that too?” he asked anxiously.

“I was intending to come with you but it’s probably a good idea,” she replied.

“I’m coming!”Lyrrekka said.

“Darya and I would like to help,” Kyle said. “Please.”

“Ystelyan wants me to stay here but he’s willing to loan you my troops if you promise to give them back,” Rilletta said.

“That’s fair enough.” Matthias looked around. “Right then. We don’t know how long we’ve got, exactly, so we go as soon as everyone is here and ready.”


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