Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Nineteen Part Two

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Leisa leapt back as Ragnar swung at her with a knife. She slipped out of the way and flipped out one of the stakes she had tucked into her belt. His lunge overbalanced him slightly and she took full advantage of it, curving in and thrusting the stake at his heart. He threw out his arm to ward himself and managed to knock the stake down so it missed his heart by inches. Still a length of rowan through his rib cage would slow him down which was all to the good. She pushed it in a bit further before snapping it so he would not easily be able to remove it and pulling another from her belt.

He howled and swung at her with the knife again she tried to dodge but the confined space betrayed her and she collided with a wall. She threw out a hand to shield herself and the knife sliced into her palm with an all to familiar stinging.

Silver – of course. Given his fear of werewolves and what had happened the other night it would be, wouldn’t it? She glanced at Sarah and Tanya urgently hoping they’d noticed that her hand was still bleeding. She saw Tanya’s eyes narrow then nodded at her. Leisa sighed in relief as she ducked in below another blow and struck at Ragnar’s chest again.

He knocked the stake flying from her hand and punched her at her, knocking her back into the wall again, but before he could press his advantage Tanya was on him again. Ragnar cursed and backed off, turning slowly to survey his attackers, obviously trying to get his bearings. Tyler took advantage of his distraction and surged towards Ragnar, knocking him into a wall.


The sound of the fight woke Anna and she sat up and tugged futilely at her chains as she strained to look out through the door and see what was happening. It was useless. The chains were too tight and the angle all wrong so she turned towards Caroline and froze. A gaping hole had been torn in the ceiling over Caroline’s bed and a strange almost human woman was kneeling by the other girl, tearing her chains loose as easily as if they were strands of silk. Caroline was trembling as she watched her and the woman was whispering to her soothingly.

“W-who are you?” Anna asked as she stared at the hole. How had she failed to wake when that was made. It must have been even noisier than the fight she could still hear.

“I’m Brenna, we’ve come to rescue you.” She tore the last of Caroline’s chains loose and turned towards Anna with a smile. “I’ll have you out of here before you know it.”

“What are you?” Anna asked. “Not human obviously.”

“I’m a daemon.” Brenna gave her a sharp smile. “You must be Anna. Liam asked my father and I to help out. You probably don’t-” She broke off as Caroline squeaked and paled further.

“You’re a demon?”

“No, sweetie, not demon, daemon,” Brenna said. “Demons – if they exist – are fallen angels. Daemon’s are…” she trailed off as if considering her how to explain something. “Well, we’re people who have certain supernatural traits. This isn’t really a good place to explain it. Let’s get you both out of here and we can talk about it later if you want.” She turned back to Anna and began tearing at her chains.

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