Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Twenty Two Part Three

January 29th, 2013  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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David found that his head was gradually clearing and by the time they heard the rescue team pulling up outside he felt normal again. He looked around and saw Daniel gently shaking Jason awake. It was testament to how exhausted Anna’s brother had been that he had managed to sleep given how upset and worried he’d been. The news that Anna was safe seemed to dispel any grogginess however since as soon as the group came in he leapt to his feet and rushed over to Michael who was carrying the unconscious Anna.

“What happened? Is she hurt? Daniel said that she was okay?”

“She’s fine,” Tanya said. “She’s just asleep. She’s just had her first shift out of cycle brought on by the stress.” She turned to Daniel. “It was a partial shift as well. Sal’s a bit worried.”

Daniel tutted and smiled at Sarah. “You don’t need to worry, Sal. She’ll be fine. It’s not really unexpected given the stress she was under and the fact that short fevers and a natural instinct for partial shifting aren’t uncommon in her mother’s family according to the pack memory. Admittedly all three together is rare but it’s just the circumstances.”

“But the old stories all say…” Sarah trailed off as she saw the look on Daniel’s face. “What?”

“The stories don’t tell you everything,” Daniel said. “They’re aimed mostly at inclining those it applies to keep it quiet since the renegades tend to hunt them down on the orders of The Lord of the Wolves.” He grimaced. “Of course some people would say that’s worse than being cursed.”

“Well it’s certainly just as bad,” Sarah said.

“Who hunts them down?” David asked. “Renegades? The Lord of the Wolves?”

“Renegades are evil werewolves,” Tanya said flatly. “They’re religious fanatics. The Lord of the Wolves is their god, except he’s no god. I’ll tell you about them when we have time. For now let’s get Anna bedded down and sort out breaking Ragnar’s blood link to the other girl. Do we know what you are yet?”

David shook his head. “Only thing we know for sure is my eyes have changed. Apparently I have some sort of sight. Penny thinks I got them from gran.”

“Probably,” Tyler agreed. “Leannaun are known for being sighted.”

“Yeah Jasmine’s eyes are that colour,” Meredith said. “She might have some idea what he is.”

“We were thinking of doing a metal test at some point,” Liam said. “To see if he was a daemon or a fairy. Since he doesn’t have anything obvious beyond the sight.”

“Not a bad idea,” Tyler said. “Knowing what you’re sensitive to and how badly is wise. But I think dealing with young Caroline is more urgent.”

“I think you’re right.” Leisa knelt down by Caroline and gently shook her awake.

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