February Update

February 25th, 2018  |  Published in News  |  1 Comment

Hi Peeps!

Things are still going better for me. I now have a permanent job (subject to six months probationary period) working 30 hours a week. My mental health is still improving (even with the anxiety weasels trying to get back into my brain by insisting things are going *too* well).

With a little stability in my life I’m starting to look forwards again and with Lord of the Wolves nearing it’s conclusion (seriously – I think this first draft will be done by the end of March) I’m starting to think about the book release a few months down the line. (I’ve also started the outlining on Book Three – The Summer Queen).

This means a few things:

  1. Once it’s done I’ll switch over to posting Whisper on Saturdays while I edit Lord of the Wolves and I’ll also be looking for beta readers again.
  2. Prior to the Lord of the Wolves Book Launch I want to get Haventon Born into the hands of as many readers as possible and, to be honest, it’s been selling abysmally because I haven’t had the energy for marketing.
  3. So I’m planning a book relaunch for Haventon Born on May 8th (my birthday). This is just like a book launch only for an already extent book. And for that I need your help.

How can you help?

Firstly I need reviews on Amazon. Reviews help visibility and also many advertising outlets will only allow adverts by books with a certain number of Am reviews. If you read and enjoyed Haventon Born reviewing it on your local Amazon store would be a great help. (No bounties for this, I’m afraid, I don’t want to be accused of buying reviews).

Secondly I am trying to raise a small marketing budget. It’s not a large enough amount to do an indigogo or kickstarter for so I’ve set a target on my Ko-Fi page instead. If you enjoy my free stuff and have a spare dollar to throw in the hat I’ll acccept it gratefully. You can also see some of my Fantasy Maps and the occassional link to a piece of flash fiction on my Ko-Fi page. so it’s worth a visit even if you can’t donate.

And finally, as I mentioned, I need beta readers for Lord of the Wolves. If you volunteer for this you’ll get a free final copy of the ebook at the end.

So that’s what’s been going on for me. How have you been, peeps.

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  1. torvawk says:

    Good to hear you are doing better. (joking) and get a harness for those weasels to keep them under control.

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