Tales of the First – Ryan’s Problem Part Two

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A/N: Sorry this is late. I had a migraine Friday and went to bed early then was recovering Saturday.

Charlotte looked at her feet and nodded. “We are,” she said. “I’m still a bit scared, but you’re a friend. I have to trust you, and you were only trying to help Lucy when you pushed me.”

“Thank you,” Sienna said.

“How’s your practice going?” she asked then yelped in surprise as Sienna psychokinetically lifted several stuffed toys from her dresser and sent them into orbit around Charlotte’s head. “Woah, that’s actually cool!” She seemed to have relaxed now she knew they would try and help Ryan. “And it doesn’t get away from you at all?”

“No,” Sienna said. “Not even when I witnessed that shooting.” She shuddered at the memory.

“I heard about that,” Charlotte said. “And I’m sure those guys are still out there. I hope someone stops them.”

“I’m sure they are too.” Sienna asked. “Has Wendy told you her plans?”

“No,” Charlotte said. “But she’s been dropping hints, and knowing Wendy’s taste in movies I think it involves putting you in a ridiculous outfit and sending you out to be a superhero.”

“I’m that transparent?” Wendy asked. “I thought I was being subtle.”

“There’s nothing ridiculous about the outfit,” Lucy said simultaneously. “I don’t design ridiculous things.”

Charlotte snorted. “I might have known she’d rope you into it too. It’s a good job she’s not the one with powers or she’d already be on the streets trying to stop those men. But seriously, Sienna, I’m not sure you should be going–” She broke off as Lucy and Sienna began laughing. “What?”

“You think a little something like not having powers would stop Wendy?” Sienna asked.

Charlotte turned and looked at Wendy curiously. “What did you do? I mean you’ve obviously done something to make Lu and Sienna laugh like that.”

Wendy smirked. “I’ve been working on a suit of power armor,” she said. “It’s nearly done. You’ll see it when you bring Ryan over.”

“It’s made from junk and pretty damn neat,” Lucy said. “Though it needs painting. We’re working together to design a jumpsuit to go underneath it that will have monitoring stuff built in.”

“Power armor?” Charlotte shook her head in disbelief. “From junk? And it actually works?”

“She says it does,” Sienna said. “But I haven’t actually seen her using it yet.”

“I’ll show you next time,” Wendy said. “Martin has finally got the last software glitch ironed out and I’ve tweaked the things I needed to, so we’re ready to do some more testing.” Her lips twitched. “I can’t wait to show you my deadlift.”

“If it’s got electrics then I’m not sure using it around Ryan is a good idea at the moment,” Charlotte said. “But building a power suit… only you could think this is a good idea, Wendy.”

“Yes, keeping him away from it may be wise,” Wendy said. “Except if electrokinetics can mess with it I want to know and it’s better to find out now than later.”

“Electrokinetic?” Charlotte said. “Yes, I guess that fits what Ryan can do–” She stopped as she heard the front door slam. “Sounds like you parents are back. We’d better shut up now.”

“Hey, girls!” Margaret popped her head around the doot and smiled at them. “Just wanted to check who’s staying tonight.”

“Not me,” Wendy said. “I’ll stay for dinner if that’s alright but then Martin’s coming to walk me home. We’re still trying to stop mum letting Keith back in. He’s constantly coming around and begging and she’s wavering.”

“Would you like me to talk to Helen?” Margaret asked. “And why don’t you invite Martin to join us for dinner? I’m sure Sienna would like that.”

Sienna groaned at her mother’s cackhanded attempts at matchmaking then stared at Wendy as she nodded.

“That’s a good idea,” she said. “I’ll call him and see if he’s free.”

“Okay,” Margaret said. “Tell him I’m going to aim to have dinner ready for seven. I’m going to be doing some weeding first. Do you need anything first?”

Sienna shook her head. “No thanks, mum. Where’s dad?”

“In the lounge watching the news,” she said. “They still haven’t caught those men and its been weeks.”

“At least no one has been murdered this week,” Wendy said. “Have they?”

“No,” Margaret said. “Thank goodness. See you later.”

After she’d gone Sienna turned and threw a pillow at Wendy. “Why did you say yes? She’s trying to set me up with him, you know!”

Wendy laughed. “I know, and you’re not interested, but it’s a good idea for him to be here. That way he can talk to Charlotte instead of me acting as a go between. Less chance for confusion.”

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  1. torvawk says:

    wait… becka… no cliff hanger this time? You giving us a break? 😛 Very interesting and I am glad they can still count Charlotte as a friend.

  2. White Tiger says:

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait to meet Ryan.

    Sorry about the migraines. I know hoe much they can suck. I used to be on migraine tablets. Fee better soon!! 😊😊😊

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