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Thalia’s Musings

Thalia’s Musings is a series of original novels written by Amethyst Marie. It’s narrated by Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, as she observes the comedy, drama, and tragedy of the ancient Greek pantheon. But when Thalia becomes more than an observer, the Fates take notice. Are Thalia’s powers limited to helping mortal playwrights hack out a comedy sketch, or can she create happy endings in real life, even for the gods? The Fates want to know.
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Above Ground

Post Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy. Life above ground is something Lilith has never experienced. When she gets the chance to visit the outside world, she’s understandably ecstatic. But the infected have a reputation for being dangerous for a reason, and Lilith is about to find out
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Addergoole is a contemporary fantasy story with erotic and dark-fantasy elements. Set in a world which is, on the surface, much like our own, Addergoole follows three students as they enter a strange, new school and discover just how much they don’t know about themselves, their parents, or their world. (Warning: Not Safe for Work)
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The Apocalypse Blog

Post-Apocalyptic. Faith’s world has ended. Broken, poisoned, and increasingly infested with the shambling dead, it isn’t much like the world she used to know. She made it through an apocalypse with a handful of strangers, but what does she do next?
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Science Fiction. The Starwalker is an experimental vessel equipped with a star-stepping drive. She’s brand new, the paint is still wet, and she’s working out the kinks in her new skin. She has a lot to learn, and what the hell is this engine of hers anyway?  A ship’s log, as told by the ship.
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Legion of Nothing

Superhero Fantasy.The Legion of Nothing is the story of Nick Klein and what happens when he takes on the identity (and powered armor) of “The Rocket.” Originally his grandfather’s superhero identity, the powered armor comes with a lot of baggage. Ranging from his grandfather’s service in World War II to connections with other heroes (and villains), the past has a way of intruding on Nick’s present.
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Space & Time

Science Fiction. Space & Time takes place in a galaxy where space travel is common, The Galactic Mutuality governs alliances, Humanity is a minority, and a little girl from an alien race tries to overcome the stigma of being a slave. Life moves along as it usually does until a small group of strangers arrives, bringing news of impending destruction and a solution that no one likes.
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Swords and Sigils

Traditional Fantasy. Melkeen is a prodigy, a young Wizard with incredible magikal abilities. Sarta is a barbarian blade-for-hire of unbelievable skill. Together, they are a formidable team. And the world is against them. Required by his elder (and rival) Wizards to search out rare and dangerous artifacts, a young man hires a woman to guard him on his travels.Their contract is strictly business, but friendship can grow in the strangest places.  This is a good thing, considering the journey they’re about to take.
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Scryer’s Gulch

Fantasy Western. Brave and beautiful young Treasury agent Annabelle Duniway is sent undercover to the wide-open mining town of Scryer’s Gulch to track down the villain poisoning the magic-boosting ore known as hermetauxite. If she doesn’t succeed, this unscrupulous evildoer may take over the world!
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Strong Heart

Traditional Fantasy. Joana (Jo to anyone who hasn’t pissed her off lately) is female, but her tribe made her officially a man so she could train as a warrior. Now she’s a mercenary guard, and thanks to a job with a magician, life is about to get even more interesting than figuring out how to fake a decent stubble.
Check out reader ratings and reviews at the Strong Heart Web Fiction Guide page.

Refuge of Delayed Souls

Paranormal. In a story spanning many lifetimes, we follow Elizabeth Whyte’s journey as she investigates the supernatural & seeks information about her own past, all while trying to keep a balance between the light & the darkness in her work for an agency known as the Refuge of Delayed Souls. A world where ghosts, angels, the Living & others exist side by side, although not always in harmony.
Check out reader ratings and reviews at the Refuge of Delayed Souls Web Fiction Guide Page.

Strange Little Band

Dark Paranormal Science Fiction Romance. Strange Little Band is the ongoing story of Addison and Shane, two self-centered, amoral psychics who work for the cut-throat Triptych Corporation. Their insular, comfortable lives are disrupted when, due to Triptych’s machinations, they become unlikely parents. How can they raise a child when they can’t trust each other?
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The Peacock King

Traditional Fantasy. The enigmatic Peacock King, ruler of half of the known world, seeks to possess the land itself by enslaving the spirits of the wild. Gerald, a newly initiated Poet whose magic is as real as he can write it, is also one of the Armed—enforcers of the Law who wield guns with souls. His mission: infiltrate the Peacock King’s Court and gather intelligence. Unfortunately for Gerald, things quickly go awry… Can he outwit the Peacock King? Will he be able to save his long-lost brother, who is the King’s new spirit-tamer?
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The Philosopher’s Society

Anna Harrison is a relatively normal 17-year-old girl. But when her mother disappears and strange things start happening, she takes a suggestion from her long-absent brother as her last resort and visits the enigmatic group he was a member of: The Philosopher’s Society. And by  doing so, she unwittingly dives head-first into a world far stranger than what she’d bargained for.
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Other Useful Sites About Web Fiction


Zoe Whitten’s Stuff

Zoe was one of the most prolific web fiction authors on the internet but she recently bowed out and is now releasing her writing at eminently reasonable prices. Her stuff is mostly dark fantasy and horror with some digressions into other stuff. Definitely worth a look.
You can find her ebook releases on her Smashwords Store and her dead tree releases on her Lulu Store. All releases on both stores have samples so you can try before you buy. (As a note for people uncomfortable buying from stores they don’t know online I have purchased books from both companies in the past and never had a problem).

Independence Day by Bex Aaron

Former Web Fiction now only available in ebook form.
Murder Mystery. It’s 1966, and Haven Park, Wyoming is a picturesque community much like any other . . . until one of its favorite daughters is murdered on Independence Day. Soon, a mystery bigger than the town itself unravels, leaving few in Small Town America unscathed.

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