The Whisper of Damkina Part Fifty

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“That was sudden,” Mahir said. “I wonder what made Promise react like that.”

“It’s gone to signal its kind like it said,” Summer said. “That’s all.” The Mez seemed quite certain of that. “I think it likes us and wants to help.”

Amanpreet nodded. “I think that’s right, Promise has been very helpful.” Even as she spoke Promise re-emerged from hyperspace and signaled them.

“I’ve arranged the escort I mentioned. Two of my friends will meet us on the way back.” It paused. “I apologise for rushing off like that but I know what those acid weapons can do and you don’t want to face such a thing without defence. My people are also going to offer escorts to the convoys for the same reason.”

“That’s good of you,” Rick said. “But I hope they will be restrained about defending the convoys.”

“They will,” Promise said. “We understand you wish to de-escalate this situation not make it worse. It speaks well of you.” It paused. “Having said that we won’t restrain ourselves if it puts our new allies at risk.”

That caused a few moments of silence. There wasn’t much to say about it after all. The pensive quiet was only disturbed by a soft chiming from Lin’s console. She looked at it in surprise and then her eyebrows shot up.

“The Corona computer is hailing us,” she said.

“It’s probably been listening,” Mahir said “We have been talking openly between ships without encryption after all. It’s probably worried so you’d best put it on.”

“Yes, sir,” Lyn said.

“Greetings, Allies, I gather you have a problem?” it said without preamble.

“Unfortunately we do,” Rick said. “There’s a species that rejected our overtures a while back. We left them alone but someone else has attacked them – either the enemy you already know or possibly a renegade human group – and they are blaming us. We will endeavour to keep them away from Corona.”

“I know,” it said. “And I’m sure it wasn’t your fault that this happened. But both this system and the Talis are programmed with strategy and diplomacy programs so maybe we can help you resolve this peacefully if it is a renegade group rather than the enemy causing this.”

“That would be helpful, I think,” Summer said. “We’ll pass that on to the Council. Thank you.”

“You are most welcome,” it replied. “The Children have noted your sophont ship and are debating contacting it to negotiate with it for transport services. Something I gather it will find acceptable.”

“I do and my people do as well,” Promise replied. “But how did they recognise I was Sophont and the other ships weren’t. Are they listening to us as well.”

“No, but they noted that you do not have ant artificial add-ons unlike the other ships and inferred from there,” it said. “They are very perceptive. More so than my makers in some ways.”

“Would it be acceptable to me to talk with them unilaterally?” Promise asked. “I do not wish to upset the Council.”

“I’ll send them a message to check,” Lin said. “But in the circumstances I’m sure it will be fine.”
“I will wait for their okay then,” Promise said.

“I will advise them to wait then,” the system said. “Thank you, allies.” It cut the contact.

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4 Responses to “The Whisper of Damkina Part Fifty”

  1. torvawk says:

    little edit:
    No, but they noted that you do not have ant artificial add-ons unlike the other ships

    I think ant = any 🙂 artifical ants probably would not work well.

    No, but they noted that you do not have any artificial add-ons unlike the other ships

  2. mjkj says:

    Yeah, they are very perceptive, are they not?
    I guess and hope they will become great allies and trade partners

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