Firebird Fiction showcases the Online Fantasy Stories of Becka Sutton. Much of what you will find here will be ongoing serials – think of a webcomic without the pictures – but there will be occasional short stories and novellas as well. The site is free to view. There’s no need to register or pay to read the stories.

In case you are wondering what the banner tagline means by broad-spectrum fantasy I’ll explain. I’m sure you know there are many flavours of fantasy within the genre and I write most of them, hence broad-spectrum.

I want to get to know my readers and I’d love to know what you think. Comments are open on every installment, so if you like what you see here don’t be a lurker – join the conversation.

Online Fantasy Stories

Dragon Wars – Young Adult Fantasy. Three British teenagers are dragged into another world to be warriors in its millennia long conflict with the dragons.? This ongoing Fantasy series will span several sub-genres. *updates Mondays and Fridays*.

Haventon Chronicles – Paranormal Fantasy with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other stranger things in a town which draws them like a magnet. Little or no romance involved. Will be a connected collection of fantasy stories rather than a true serial. *Book One is complete. Currently on hiatus while I write Book Two.*

The Whisper of Damkina – Science Fantasy Space Opera. Follow the adventures of Amanpreet and her crew as they encounter sophont space ships, extinct alien races trying to resurrect themselves, fundamentalist theocrats, and a looming war – the first of the hyperspace age. And all they wanted to do was make a living. *Updates Wednesdays*.

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