Tales of the First – Ryan’s Problem Part Three

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Martin arrived within half-an-hour of Wendy calling him even though she’d been very cryptic over the phone. He sat on the corner of Sienna’s bed and watched Charlotte’s video a couple of times. Then he sat there and frowned, chewing his lip.

“You say he can hear everyone’s thoughts all the time?” he said.

Charlotte nodded. “That’s what he says anyway and he could certainly hear our thoughts. He reacted quite badly when Dad wondered if the voices he was hearing were real or schizophrenia. Can you help him?”

“Possibly,” he said. “If I can remember what mum told me she used to do do stop herself feeling everyone in a room. I know she used to meditate but I think she did something else as well.”

“I don’t think he could meditate in his current state,” Charlotte said. “He can barely focus and it’s getting worse.”

Martin flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. “He needs to be somewhere with less people. He’s an introvert from what I remember so if I had to guess this is overstimulating him.”

“I think hearing everyone at once would overstimulate an extravert as well,” Sienna said dryly.

Martin nodded solemnly. “Yes, but likely not as badly.” He watched the video again. “Poor kid. Maybe I should delay getting the dongles and have you bring him over tomorrow instead of waiting.”

“I can get the dongles,” Wendy said. “You try and help Ryan.”

“Thanks, Wendy,” he said, before squeezing Charlotte’s hands. “I’m not going to swear everything will be okay when I don’t know for sure but I do promise to try.”

“Thank you,” Charlotte flopped back on the bed. “I still can’t get used to this. How can people do what Ryan and Sienna can?”

“I don’t know,” Martin said. “But I’m pretty sure it’s not because they are aliens.”

“Hmm?” Charlotte gave him a curious look.

“Those guys with guns apparently think people like us are alien invaders,” Sienna said. “That’s why they are on this rampage.”

“Oh!” Charlotte chewed her lip. “That’s… Ryan’s not an alien. Mum was there when he was born.”

“I didn’t think he was,” Martin said. “But they do.”

“I know,” Charlotte said. “I hope it’s not too late.” She sat in silence for a few moments before looking at Lucy. “Could I see the designs for Sienna’s costume please?”

“Off course.” Lucy pulled her designs out and handed them to Charlotte.

“Speaking of costumes I think you should consider some sort of temporary costume if you are going to do this,” Martin said.

“This?” Sienna asked. “You mean helping Ryan?”

Martin shook his head. “No, at least not just him. I know you, Sienna. Now the idea has been put in your head you’ll decide to go looking for others even if you haven’t thought of it yet.”

Sienna hadn’t. She’d been too focused on how to help Ryan but the moment Martin said it she knew he was right. She would have thought of the idea soon enough.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re probably right, but why a temporary costume.”

“Something you can use to quickly conceal your identity if you come up against those men in the course of your search.”

Sienna shuddered at the thought of such an encounter but it was a fair point. She swallowed back her fear and went and looked though her drawers before pulling out a black polo neck jumper and a pair of legging. “I-I’ll need some sort of mask and some gloves.”

“I have some gloves,” Charlotte said. “I’ll lend them to you tomorrow. The mask might be a bit more challenging. I suppose you could wear a balaclava.”

“I’m not trying to look like a thug or a terrorist,” Sienna said dryly.

“What about a halloween mask,” Wendy said. “Do you still have that ghostly white one you wore last year?”

“That… that would work. And I think I do.” She opened the bottom drawer of her chest of drawers and pulled out the white mask. It was a full head latex type, rather plain with long white hair. “Not ideal, but it will do the job. I’ll stick it all in a bag I can carry around though changing quickly might be a task.”

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