Tales of the First

Superheroes aren’t real – or at least they weren’t, until now.

Sienna is enjoying a sunny Saturday with her friends in Castleham when a meteor explodes above the town, injuring hundreds and causing massive damage. In the immediate aftermath, a strange magenta mist boils from the ground to envelop Castleham, causing one of Sienna’s friends to collapse. As the girls race to the hospital, a man attacks them. Sienna defends her friends, instinctively using psychokinetic powers she’d never had before.

As the town recovers from the disaster, it becomes apparent that Sienna is not the only one to develop powers – and someone is hunting them all down. She just wants to lay low while she figures out what’s happened to her, but she may not have a choice.

Chapter One: Disaster

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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