Land of Myth CoverLand Of Myth (The Dragon Wars Saga #1)

The four Stevens kids have been odd since birth; they’re quadruplets, after all. But that’s only the beginning. Lydia is pyrokinetic. Karen has dangerous gaps in her memory. Daniel is hiding something dark and sinister from the others. And cryokinetic Andrew is obsessed with the paranormal for a reason: monsters have chased them, showers have turned to blood, and roads sometimes don’t lead where they should.

Perhaps they should have expected it when three of them open a door and find another world beyond it.

Dragons threaten this world, where almost every inhabitant–every mythical creature Earth’s peoples think they’ve dreamed up–hates humanity. Even so, Karen, Andrew and Lydia discover three creatures who love them have been waiting there. Through a mystical bond, these “heart friends” can access the quads’ powers and fight the dragons. But powerful forces are trying to keep the kids and their heart friends apart–and if they succeed, it spells disaster for both Earth and the world beyond the door.

Land of Myth is the first book of the Dragon Wars Saga.

(You can also read free online here but the book version currently has better editing).

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ebook (zip file containing ePub, mobi/kindle and PDF formats) £1.85 (approx $2.99)

Unsigned Paperback dropshipped from the Printer. £9.99 (approx $16) plus £3 (approx $5) p&p.

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My Lulu Storefront where you can buy the paperback, ePub or PDF versions.

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The Kindle version is available from: Amazon US, Amazon UK,,, and

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