Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Nine Part Seven

September 23rd, 2016  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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“That’s an interesting piece of trivia, I suppose,” Ophelia said. “But is it actually relavant?”

“I have no idea,” Kira said. “But for some reason it’s very significant to my grandmother. She mentioned it several times, so I thought that I should tell you about it.”

“And you’re probably right,” Sera said.

“Yeah.” Ophelia poured herself a glass of the pop and sat down. “I wasn’t being funny about it, I swear. I just can see why it would be important.”

“Me neither,” Kira admitted wryly. “But if I left it out and it turned out to mean something you wouldn’t be happy with me, would you?”

Ophelia snorted. “Probably not, but I hope I woould consider that it would have seemed pretty pointless to you.” She tilted her head. “But was there something else you wanted to discuss? That titbit just doesn’t seem worth the expression you had when you arrived.”

“Yes,” Kira said. “Dad is worried about what Alsia said about the guard guy coming after you again. He wants to talk about protecting you until you are well enough to fight again… and to train some more.”

Ophelia nodded. “No argument from me. That guy was far too strong for me. I think I’d run if I saw him again at the moment.”

“That’s because you have some gumption.” Sera said. “Anyone with two brain cells to run together would in the circumstances.”

“Sera’s right,” Kira agreed. “You’re sensible enough to know when you are outclassed. That’s an important survival trait.”

“But does this mean we have to go out again after you get back from your date?” Ophelia sighed heavily. “I really hoped I could sleep tonight.”

“Dad thought you might say that. He says to come tomorrow, during the day. There’ll be less sneaking involved anyway.”

“I’m not really supposed to visit the park…” Ophelia said. “My mother will go spare if she find out.”

“Oh, we’ll be going to our human house,” Kira said. “But why doesn’t she like the park?”

“I have no idea!” Ophelia couldn’t mask her exasperation. “Paranoid I guess. Okay, so we’ll go tomorrow afternoon.”

“Fine with me,” Sera said. “So what shall we do now?”

“Not homework,” Ophelia said firmly. “And we don’t really have time to watch a DVD before dinner is cooked and Kira has to get ready for her date.”

“We could fit in a cartoon.” Sera headed to her shelves and grabbed some of her DVDs.

“No tacky eighties ones, please,” Ophelia said.

“Your wish is my command,” Sera said with a laugh and popped her selection into the DVD player.

“What time are you meeting Philip,” Ophelia asked Kira as the DVD started loading. “Do you need to get ready before dinner?”

“Oh we’re not meeting until 7.30,” she replied. “But I should probably get ready before dinner so I don’t have to rush.” She pulled a hairbrush, a make-up bag and an expensive looking blue mini-dress from her bag. “Can I use your mirror?”

“Of course,” Sera said.

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