Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Nine Part Three

September 10th, 2016  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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Ophelia felt quite a bit better when they woke for school the next morning. Even so she still felt pretty awful and had to cling to the wall in order to make her way downstairs to the kitchen without assistance.

Aunt Sophie took one concerned look at her and ordered her straight back to the bedroom.

?But I’m hungry,? Ophelia complained as her stomach rumbled. ?Can’t I at least have something to eat first??

?I’ll bring you something once I’ve called Cass and told her that you’re not well,? Aunt Sophie said before groaning. ?Oh, God! She’s going to be mad at me about this.?

?It’s not your fault that I got sick.? Ophelia looked longingly at the toaster.

?Yes, I know that and you know that, but you also know how your mother is about things like this.? She gave Ophelia a little push towards the stairs.

?Oh my goodness, yes,? Ophelia agreed. ?She blames herself if Dad or I so much as get a sniffle. It’s ridiculous. I mean if it was food poisoning I could see it but this?? She shook her head. ?She’s impossible sometimes. All I’m saying is don’t let her get to you. It’s not your fault.?

?I know!? Aunt Sophie raised her frying pan in mock threat. ?Now do I have to chase you back up those stairs??

?I’m going! I’m going!? Ophelia raised her hands in pretend horror before clambering up the stairs as quickly as her wobbly legs would carry her ? which was rather slowly. ?Please don’t forget my breakfast!? She called down once she reached the top.

?Don’t worry I won’t,? Aunt Sophie replied.

?Thanks!? Ophelia staggered back into Sera’s bedroom and collapsed on the bed with a groan. Aunt Sophie was right, she was too sick to go to school today much as she wanted to because she didn’t want to worry her mother. Her mother needed to be looking after herself not worrying about Ophelia at the moment.

About fifteen minutes later Aunt Sophie came in with a tray with toast, marmalade and a bowl of cereal on it. Ophelia knew her eyes must have lit up at the site of it.

?Thanks! Was mum okay??

?Yes, she was fine.? Aunt Sophie smiled. ?She sounded better if a little worried about you. I’m under orders to pick her up after I drop Sera off at school.?

?Hmm…? Ophelia finished her first mouthful of toast. ?Did she blame you??

?No.? Aunt Sophie looked less then pleased about that. ?She’s blaming herself for not noticing last night.?

Ophelia tutted at that. ?Typical. I’ll talk to her when she gets here because I felt fine yesterday evening.?

?Good, I think she’s well enough to listen as well,? Aunt Sophie said.
?I hope so,? Ophelia said. ?Oh and can you get Sera to deliver my homework??

?No need,? Aunt Sophie said. ?She’s already transferred it to her bag.?

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