Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Six Part Eight

July 11th, 2016  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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“I think,” Sera said dryly. “That stopping whatever that thing is, is everyone’s fight.”

“You’re right,” Kira said. “But why is it showing us this? The Idri Council were at least partly involved in its making. If they want this thing, shouldn’t it be on their side?” Cold waves of fury emanated from the crystal at that. Fury aimed at its creators. “I guess that explains it, but why is it so angry?”

“What are you three up to? Forming a secret pact?” They turned to find Philip walking towards them.

“Nothing!”Ophelia could feel her cheeks burning as she banished the key. How much had he seen and how would they explain it away if he’d seen too much?

“It’s okay,” he said. “You weren’t breaking any rules. I was just curious because the three of you looked so conspiratorial. And you all look very guilty, which makes me even more curious.” His eyes twinkled then went flat as he saw Lee approaching them. “Why is he following me? Every time I talk to you, he turns up.”

“Actually I think it’s me he’s following.” Kira sounded disgusted. “He keeps hassling me to go out with him.” She scowled at Lee as he came up to them.

“Is Manion bothering you, Kira?” he asked.

“Philip never bothers me – well except when he calls me Rat – unlike some people I could mention.” Kira deliberately turned her back on Lee as she spoke to Philip again. “And you just startled us. We were having a private conversation.”

“Really, Rat? It looked more like a séance to me.” He gave Lee a sideways glance. “But since we’re here, it seems like a good time to ask. Would you like to go to the cinema with me tomorrow, Kira? They’ve finally reopened it now the curfew has been relaxed a bit.”

Kira’s mouth dropped open. “R-really? W-with you? You know you’ll be setting yourself up to be attacked by Vivienne, don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” Philip said. “Maybe then she’ll get it through her head that you aren’t interested in him.” He jerked his head at Lee.

Kira glanced over at Ophelia with an obvious question in her eyes.

If you want to, Ophelia said. We can deal with that thing tonight – the sooner the better – and I’m sure your family can sub someone for you tomorrow if I need back up. They won’t mind you dating a human will they?

Ha! No! Kira said. Not at all. Thanks. She grinned at Philip. “Okay, I’d love to come, but you have to promise not call me Rat all evening.”

Ophelia was looking straight at Lee when Kira agreed and saw the pure fury in his face.

“No!” he said. “I won’t let you!”

“I don’t think you have much say, Lee.” Philip smirked before turning to Kira. “And I can do that, I think.” He looked up as the bell rang. “Time to go in.”

“That was close!” Ophelia muttered as they headed to the next class. “It’s a good thing Lee interrupted before he could push it.”

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