Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Ten Part Four

October 24th, 2016  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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A/N: Sorry, I skipped Friday again. I promise to make up the two skipped posts this week.

“Ah, good, you’re here.” Darlryan smiled as Kate sneaked into the rendezvous spot. She was looking around skittishly and he couldn’t blame her.

“I can see why you were reluctant to meet me here.” He kicked a dirty syringe on the ground nearby. The user was staring vacantly into space not far away. Darlryan resisted the orge to kick him as well. “It’s not a wholesome place.”

“You can say that again,” she said. “But uou said we were going somewere else for the training?”

“Indeed we are.” He held out his hand to her. She looked at it dubiously before grasping it firmly. He slipped a bracelet onto her wrist and jumped them to the lair he had formed for himself in a bubble just outside the town.

“Welcome to my home, Kate,” he said as she pulled herself together after the jump. “I hope you like it.”

“Oh! Wow!” She looked around the building with wide eyes. “I really do! It’s a nice pad!”

“Well that’s a novel term for it but I’m glad you approve.” He couldn’t help chuckling. “Would you like a tour?”

“Oh yeah!” She reached and touched one of the pillars. “So what’s this training to help me control my temper?”

“You’ll see,” he said as Laxmi came in in response to his mental summons. “Let Lan show you around and then we’ll get started. I hope you get it quickly because I’ve given you a lot of power and I don’t want you losing control.”

“I can see that,” she said. “I wasn’t even angry this morning and I – erm – accidentally broke the back gate at home. I thought it was stuck and tried to forrce it but it was locked and I pulled it off its hinges. It rather boggled my stepmother.”

He made a show of sighing even as he was trying not to laugh at the mental image she had summoned. With effort he cleared all trace of emotion from his face and attempted to sound severe.

“You see this is why I have to teach you control. Power is nothing without it and you’ll give yourself away if you aren’t careful. Do it too often and stories will spread. Ophelia isn’t stupid. How long do you think it will take her to catch on?”

“Not long.” Kate had the grace too look a little guilty. “But it was an accident and so funny. You should have seen her face, and really I wasn’t angry. I’m just not used to being this strong.” He face grew slightly boggled. “Why am I physically stronger. I thought it was psychic power you gave me.”

“You’re biokinetic,” Laxmi said. “Strong secondary I think. Pyrokinesis primary if I’m not mistaken. But you’ve subconsciously altered your biology to make yourself stronger.”

“Okay,” Kate said blankly. “I understood maybe half of that. I’m making myself stronger psychically?”

“That’s what I said,” Laxmi agreed cheerfully. “Now let’s get on with this tour before Dar starts training you.”

A/N: Sorry, I skipped Friday again. I promise to make up the two skipped posts this week.

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