Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Ten Part Seven

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Kate looked at the ball quizzically. “What am I supposed to do with this thing?”

“Make it float in midair,” he said. “It’s nice and light so it won’t strain your new powers. Eventually you’ll be able to lift much heavier weights with your mind but it’s wise to start with something easy.”

“Ah,” she said. “So it’s something like psychokinesis?”

“Not like psychokinesis,” he said. “It is psychokinesis. Or at least that’s what humans who believe in the ability call it.”

“Okay.” She caught the ball as he tossed it to her. “So how do I levitate this thing?”

“Put it on the floor in front of you,” he said. “Then close your eyes and visualise yourself lifting the ball off the floor. Once you get the hang of this we’ll move on.”

“Okay…” she looked dubious but did as he said. He touched her mind as was pleased that she was visualising lifting it exactly as he had told her. Her face had scrunched up and she was shaking with effort. The ball rolled over a couple of times before shakily rising a few inches into the air.

“Kate,” he said softly. “Open your eyes slowly. Don’t let the image of holding the ball out of your mind.” She did as he had told her and then jumped when she saw the ball hovering there.

“Bloody hell!” The shock of her success disrupted her concentration and the ball fell to the ground. “Gah!”

“That was very good, Kate!” he reassured her. “You’ll do better next time because you won’t be so surprised.” He retrieved the ball and put it back in position. “Try again.” She did and this time when he told her to open her eyes she managed to keep the ball in the air though it did wobble slightly. He grinned at her. “Excellent!”

“This is surreal!” she said, then dropped the ball again as she shifted some of her attention to speaking. “Gah! This is going to take some practice I can see.” She smirked suddenly. “My mother would turn a lovely shade of green if she saw this.”

“It will take practice,” he agreed. “But you are doing great, Kate. Try lifting it with your eyes open this time.”

“Okay!” Kate stared at the ball and grimaced again. It gradually lifted off the floor. “Why does such a light thing feel so heavy?” She managed to keep it in the air this time.

“Because you’ve never done it before,” he said. “Try spinning it clockwise now.”

“Okay.” Kate’s face twisted some more and the ball began to rotate slowly.

He watched for a moment until he was sure that she still had control. “Now anti-clockwise.”

Kate just grunted and the ball wobbled in the air but she didn’t drop it. It took her a while but she eventually managed to stop the ball and reverse its rotation. Once again he waited until he was sure she was in control.

“Very good!” he said. Then noting how pale she was. “And I think that’s enough for today. You can put the ball down now.”

“Thank goodness!” Kate carefully lowered the ball to the ground. “My head is killing me all of a sudden.” She went to stand up but ended up sinking to her knees and vomiting on the floor.

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