Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Twelve Part Four

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She caught herself and managed to jump down, landing in a crouch and looked around for the source of the disturbance while trying to push aside the red mist of a rising rage that she thought had its source in the Key. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Paritan stiffen and turn to glare at something.

When she turned to follow his gaze she saw the Kithrean boy whom she had fought with over the spar. He was glaring at her with murder in his eyes. He must have come to finish what he started. He wasn’t the source of her rage however. The honour went to the Kithrea woman standing just behind him with her firey wings spread wide. She was staring at Ophelia as well, but for some reason she looked torn between confusion and shock.

Whoever she was she was powerful and Ophelia knew she should be cautious but her rising rage was having none of that and as her vision faded to red she felt herself shriek and begin to hurl herself at the woman.


Ophelia’s inarticulate cry of rage alerted Darlryan to Pynaria’s presence. The sight of the treacherous bitch nearly made him lose control as well and from the enraged hiss Alsia gave she felt much the same way. At least they still agreed on something then. And Ophelia’s reaction was interesting to say the least. Even after speaking with Paritan he hadn’t expected that. He would have to look into it when he had the chance.

Pynaria was stalking towards Ophelia with obvious intent. He had to intervene before the bitch killed her – he would not let the traitor do what she wanted/ He glanced at Alsia and realised his thoughts were written on his face. She gave him a curt nod and they both headed for Pynaria.


Slamming into the ground shook Ophelia out of her beserk state. She gasped for breath as she began to roll to her feet and then froze as she saw the flaming whip descending towards her. The Key flared without her asking and her shield appeared, deflecting the first blow. The Flamaring who had caused her fury raised an eyebrow and lifted her whip for another strike. The fire seemed to brighten and Ophelia guessed that she was powering it up to get past her shield.

Get me out of the way! She thought at the Key and the world faded into a rainbow just as the whip began to come down again. A moment later she emerged from the teleport beside Kira. Her legs wobbled from the effort of the jump and she sank to her knees. She tried to stand up but dark sparkles appeared in front of her eyes. Even with the Key’s help that had taken a lot of energy. She took a couple of breaths and let Kira help her stand up before looking around frantically for her attacker. Both Alsia and Darlryan were attacking her.

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  1. torvawk says:

    Well, that makes it almost certain, she is in transition and many of them have a guess on who she is.

  2. jolt99 says:

    Indeed, and given what we know about the situation, I think we all should have a good guess on who she really is as well.

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