Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Twelve Part Six

June 10th, 2017  |  Published in Dragon Wars  |  6 Comments

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?You seem tired, Ophelia.? Alsia leaned against the tree she had nearly thrown Kate into and smiled at her. Ophelia ignored the comment, barely resisiting growling at her. She took a couple of deep breaths and reminded herself they had to discuss this calmly.

?Were you ever going to tell me?? she asked finally.

?Of course. Once I was sure that you weren’t going to turn on me or sooner if events got the better of me.?

?Events?? Ophelia asked as Tilaran made a soft ‘ah’ of comprehension.

?Of course,? he said. ?Sera’s about that age isn’t she??

?Well I’d expect another couple of months usually but Seraphina’s been under a bit of stress with all this. That tends to make a difference.?

?What age?? Sera asked.

?You’re due for maturity,? Alsia said. ?As my daughter that will likely be quite spectacular.?

?So I’m only half human?? Sera asked.

?Nope, human-kithreiri couples have human children,? Tilaran said. ?Uh, your husband is human right? Seeing how well you mask your aura I don’t want to assume. How long have I worked with you? I never once suspected you weren’t just an active human.?

?I’lll take that as a compliment. Alsia laughed. ?Yeah, he’s human.?

?Look diverting as this is we’re getting off topic,? Ophelia said. ?Why should we trust you??

?What does your heart say?? Alsia asked.

?I–? Ophelia considered the question. She wanted to trust her Aunt, really she did, and she’d been in her power several times before and come away unharmed ? but still something was bothering her. ?I know there’s something else, something you’re not telling me. You know his human identity don’t you??

?Darlryan’s? Yes I do. I wish I could tell you but an old oath constrains me not to. Which is frustrating because he’s closer to you than I like.?

?Well that’s not creepy at all,? Ophelia said sarcastically. ?And apparently he’s employed Kate. Probably because she hates me, but is he responsible for her personality transplant.

?I don’t know,? Alsia said. ?But probably not via any sort of mind control if that’s what you’re thinking.?

?And what else are you hiding?? Ophelia asked bluntly.

?Phelia!? Sera said sharply. ?She’s saved you life more than once. Give her the benefit of the doubt.?

?And would you say that if she wasn’t your mother?? Ophelia asked.

Sera’s eyes went flat and she opened her mouth clearly intending to yell.

?Please, girl’s don’t fight.?

?Mum?? Ophelia tuned and stared at Cassandra who was walking towards them.

?Soph’s only trying to protect me,? she said.

?Cass…? Alsia said. ?You don’t have to do this..?

?Yes, yes I do.?

?You!? The scream came from Mirtalka who appeared in a burst of flame and charged at Cassandra. Ophelia leapt between her and her morther. Mirtalka screamed in rage as she bounced off Ophelia’s shield. ?Get out of my way!?

?Not until you stop attacking my mother.?

?No! She has to die! You don’t know what she di? your what?!?

?My mother,? Ophelia repeated. For some reason that made Mirtalka pale. ?Now leave her alone.?

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6 Responses to “Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Twelve Part Six”

  1. torvawk says:

    Damn it, Becka,

    Now I have no idea what is going on. You have turn all the tables upside down and contents are spilling out of the underside upward instead of off the top downward.

    I knew something was off with those two for a while now but this is not what I expected.

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      You#ll find out part of it very quickly (hopefully monday – my energy levels are so low at the moment) the rest is a couple of chapters away.

      • torvawk says:

        Bah! I think you like tormenting me.

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        No I’m just really tired at the moment and writing is where stuff has given.

      • torvawk says:

        Hmm… That could be read that way. I am sorry. I was mostly referring to the cliff hangers you keep leaving me.

        I really enjoy your work and having made an attempt at my one a couple few times, your dedication to your story is amazing.

        So when you get a chance, post. I will still be looking. So take your time.

      • Rebecca Sutton says:


        I will honestly be back soon. I promise

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