Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Eight Part Eight

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Chapter Eight

Part Eight

Mela looked up at Rilletta defiantly. “He has a funny way of showing it then. He nearly killed Shadavar and then he stuck a knife to my throat.”

“You’re right.” She turned to Shadavar and bowed. “My apologies. Darya did not mean to hurt you so badly. He was merely trying to stop you, but he misjudges his strength sometimes.” She turned back to Mela and smiled down at her. “He really is worried about you, Melusine. You’re in a great deal of danger, you know.”

“And who’s fault is that?” Daniel snarled at her.

“In all honesty it’s her mother’s fault. She’s the one who forcibly moulded her essence so she’d be able to use the Seeker’s pendant when she wasn’t born with the ability. I dread to think what plans that one had for it.” She gave him a calm smile. “But I suspect that you’re blaming us, and I swear she is in no danger from Ystelyan or anyone from his court. We’re trying to protect her.”

Her tone was so earnest that Mela instinctively reached for Ebona’s mind and received mute confirmation of the truth of Rilletta’s statement.

“Protect her from what?” Daniel asked.

“From Gerian and his court. He wants to locate some people, but your sister and her friends did a good job of blocking his previous method of finding them at the same time they banished his human servants back to Gaia.”

Mela gave a shocked gasp. “The Dragon Knights!”

“That’s what you call them, yes. You’re quick, Melusine. Darya said that you were bright.”

“And he thinks the Seeker’s Pendant can find them?” Mela’s hand flew to her empty throat. “But Kyle took it, so… oh.” She swallowed convulsively.

“Mela?” Daniel put a hand on her shoulder. “What is it?”

“I think it might be possible to recreate the pendant by studying the way my mother twisted my essence.” She shuddered at the memories. “I don’t think I’d like that.”

“You wouldn’t. It’d hurt worse than the original twisting did.” Rilletta reached out and then sighed when Mela flinched back. “I’m not going to grab you and kidnap you, child. You’re a guest of Waldhafen, so it’d be a breach of truce. I’m here to talk about how to keep you safe. If the dark warrior here can’t persuade us that he can protect you from Gerian’s alriri, we will have to take you from him as soon as you leave Waldhafen. Which would be unpleasant for him.” She  gave Daniel another cool smile. “After all, we would have taken her  last time if Talira had eaten before the mission. That’s not a mistake Ystelyan will let her make again.”

“We have nothing to talk about. I won’t let you or them take her.” Daniel’s statement might have been more convincing if his voice hadn’t shook slightly. “And do you really expect me to believe you don’t want her for the same reason this Gerian does?”

“Oh, we don’t need her to use the Seeker’s Pendant, should we ever decide to use it. Darya can use it.”

“What?” Daniel asked. He looked at Mela, who nodded.

“He was born with the ability. Mother only attuned me to it because she didn’t trust Darya.”

“I see.” He narrowed his eyes at Rilletta. “In that case, I have no idea what your angle is, but I’m sure you’re still hiding something. What do you actually hope to achieve here?”

“Honestly? There are a number of good reasons for Ystelyan not to attack Waldhafen again if he can avoid it, but he will if he has to. Gerian has no such issues. He only sent those dragons after you on Gaia to get Melusine back here. Talking may not be an option, but I wouldn’t advise the council to end this negotiation. We’ll leave when you do.”

“What?” Daniel said.

“Gerian’s servants wouldn’t be guests here,” Rilletta said. “Think about it.”


Alban must have told Dariad about Ignifer, Valeria realised as Rai came into land at Caerdu. There was a large fire already burning in the landing cave. It was giving off a great deal heat but Rai landed as close to it as he could. Valeria gathered Ignifer into her arms; the nymph was still breathing, but was even colder than when they’d picked her up. Getting the nymph down without injuring her was likely to be even more difficult than getting her up had been. She gritted her teeth and began to drag Ignifer towards Rai’s side but stopped when a hand landed on her shoulder.

She looked up to find Dariad had leapt up behind her.

“You look exhausted, cousin,” he said. “Let me.” He took Ignifer from her arms and leapt down. “She’s so cold.”

“Thank you,” she called after him and then climbed down more sedately. “I didn’t realise I’d let myself get so weak. Mother would be furious.”

Dariad looked over his shoulder at her. “You’re not weak, Val. You’ve had a terrible day.” He handed Ignifer to a cherufe, who carried her into the bonfire and laid her at its heart.

“Now we wait,” he said. “She’s still alive, but I’m not sure it’s enough.”

“I know,” Valeria said. “Is Karen going to be okay?” Then added formally. “Thank you, for your hospitality, cousin. It is more than I have right to expect given how we’ve argued recently.”

“You’re welcome, Val. I would never turn you away when you needed it. And Ambassador Alaryia says Karen will be fine. Come on, I’ll take you to them. My chatelaine Brita has prepared chambers for you. One thing,” he said as he led her through the corridors. “I’ve sent an imp to her brother and sister about what happened. I expect they’re on their way back here. Please don’t do anything precipitous.”

“I have more respect for your territory than to do anything like that,” she said. She decided not to mention that right now she needed all three of them alive to have any hope of rescuing Salia. “Alaryia sounds like a draconic name; are you sure about her?”

“She says it’s the name her mother gave her and her father didn’t give her a name,” he said. “And she also says that she doesn’t work for a dragon and I had a unicorn there at the time. And she saved my life, and the Flame Warrior’s and Karen’s. Which would make no sense if she was an enemy.” He paused and frowned. “But the other goblins with her have draconic names as well.”

“Goblins can’t lie to unicorns. Even dragons can’t lie to unicorns,” she said thoughtfully. “But that’s very strange.”

“Well, you’ll meet the amassador in a moment, because she’s still tending to Karen’s wounds.” He stopped outside the doors to a grand suite and knocked on the door.

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13 Responses to “Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Eight Part Eight”

  1. maileguy says:

    I still love this, but I think I’m going to have to go back and do some rereading; the story continues to grow in complexity and my poor mind won’t keep it all there! Not your fault, to be sure.
    But, I think you have a misplaced ‘Q’ in
    …at the same time they banished his human servantsQ back to Gaia.”

    thanks again for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Where did that come from? (The misplaced Q I mean). Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

      Yeah, it is a bit complicated at times. I’m thinking of setting up a wiki for background stuff which might help keeping track. And if you have any questions, don’t forget you can ask two questions a week if you vote for the story on TopWebFiction using the link at the bottom of each installment. 🙂

    • mjkj says:

      I agree, it is getting quite complex – I just hope not too complex…

      (…because I tend to abandon too complex ones and I rather not because I like this story so much…)

      • admin says:

        Eep, depends how complex is too complex, and what sort of complex.

        At the moment I’m juggling several threads/locations which is making things one kind of complicated. That sort of complicated should start to resolve after this chapter.

        The other sort of complicated… well I like convoluted plots, so not so much.

      • mjkj says:

        Ah, well, first and foremost the too many locations and hopping around in them – that gets me easily lost – at the moment it is still ok – but bordering on too much (at least for me)


      • admin says:

        Yeah, that should settle down soon. We’re down to three or four locations…

  2. mjkj says:

    Outch … poor Mela … *comforts her*

    So, it seems the Ystelyans are really trying to protect her – but I agree with Dan that they seem to have another hidden agenda on that too…

    I just hope the best for Mela … it might be good if Dan would accompany her?

    Ah, I just hope Ignifer will make it … and that they will find and safe Salia…


    PS: Typo suspected:
    [quote]“You’re welcome, Val. I would never turn you away when you needed it. And Ambassador Alaryia says she will. Come on, I’ll take you to them.[/quote]
    The second and third sentence here do not fit: Dariad would not turn her away but Alaryia will? Then why are they going to her? I think it should read like: “…And Ambassador Alaryia says she will help, too…”

    • admin says:

      Dariad was responding to both the things Valeria had just said. The first part is him responding to her thanks and the second to her asking if Karen will be ok. I’ll edit it to make it clearer.

      • mjkj says:

        Ah, thank you for clarifying. Yeah, that makes sense also.

        Adding the “be fine” would have been enough – but so it is even clearer.

  3. Amy says:

    Why do I get the feeling that these are actually dragons disguised as goblins??

    Love this story, just found it several hours ago & have been up reading all night. I’m trying to get caught up to the most recent post before I turn into a pumpkin.

    • admin says:

      Heh! I always say “before I turn into a pumpkin” in these kind of situations as well.

      Glad you’re enjoying the story!

  4. Ans says:

    Like the story so much. Quite good flow. But I have one nagging doubt. If the Dark Knight could find a user of the Seeker’s pendant easily, why could not the Red Dragons? It seems the pendant user should be enough to find the people they without understanding the twisting of the essence. Or am I missing something here?

    • admin says:

      Hiya, sorry for the late reply! I was on my hols.

      People who can use the pendant are rare. If they could find someone else with the ability they could use them instead but it’s easier to use Mela.

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