Dragon Wars: Land of Myth Chapter Five Part Five

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Chapter Five
Part Five

“Are you feeling better?” Weide was sitting by the spring massaging Mela’s shoulders. Mela could feel the gentle stream of life energy the grey-skinned dryad was focusing into her, washing away damage she hadn’t even realised was there.

“Much, thank you. I didn’t realise how ill I felt,” Mela replied.

“Hmm, yes. Anywhere else and you would have collapsed hours ago. Then again, anywhere else you would have had plenty of warning. I’ll make you something to help before you leave Waldhafen.” Weide looked up at her colleagues and Daniel. “She’ll be fine.”

“You’re sure?” he asked. He was sitting on the other side of the spring, looking pale and drawn.

“I’m sure.” Weide gave him a sharp look. “But I’m not so sure about you. You don’t eat or sleep enough.” She laid a hand on his arm. “You’re alright for now, but you’re going to hurt yourself if you carry on like this. Your secondary affinity can’t support you forever.”

“Don’t you start.” He rubbed at his forehead wearily. “I get enough nagging from Ebona.”

“I know, but still don’t think you get enough. You should listen to your heart friend, Daniel. You’ll not help anyone if you collapse.” Weide turned to Ebona. “And you need to make him stop more often.”

“You know?” he asked. “How?”

“We’ve been watching you since you first entered our forest,” Saeaera said. “Had your behaviour not belied the stories about you, we would have been far more cautious about allowing you entry.”

“Ah,” he said. “I should have realised.”

“We might have hesitated anyway,” a light-brown-skinned dryad said. Mela recalled Saeaera introducing her earlier as Avellana. “But we saw your confrontation with the storm queen’s troops, and what you said convinced us you’re not the enemy. Even here we’ve heard about the destruction of Elapyron city.”

“That was just before I came here,” he said.

”Yes, and he bought you here. I suspect it’s not unconnected – he was after your bracelet. I wonder how he knew where it was.” Avellana pulled a face. “Not many knew where the bracelets were hidden, but according to the survivors’ tales he went straight to it.”

“And he didn’t have that useful toy of Mela’s either.” Daniel studied the moss covered floor with a frown. “That is odd.”

“You’re here to request the Life Heart bracelet, aren’t you?” She held out a goblet of crystal clear water to him. “You desire an audience with she who was Elaranor.”

“That’s right.” He took a sip of the water. “Ebona tells me she’s the most communicative of the guardians, and I need to warn them. I used mine to try and talk to he who was Miridan but…” he trailed off. “I don’t think I got anywhere.”

“Miridan wasn’t exactly communicative even before his transformation. Speakers with an affinity for death rarely are,” Shadavar said. “Elaranor is your best choice. The problem is that we do guard the bracelet, but it’s not really ours to lend. You’ll need to convince Birke, whom I think you’ve already met.”

“And probably Sarah as well,” Avellana said. “Birke’s not likely to hand it over without consulting her.”

Mela blinked. Birke was the dryad who accosted them on their way up from the river, wasn’t she? No wonder she’d said they’d talk later.

“Sarah?” Daniel asked. “Is that the Life Warrior? So Birke is her heart friend?”


“I never even noticed she didn’t have a heart stone.” He frowned again. “And she wasn’t in resting form. Her heart friend is here?”

“Not to the best of my knowledge, though she is prone to arrive without warning and I’m pretty sure Birke will have called for her,” Avellana said. “Birke has access to an artifact that lets her assume her full form for a few minutes without her heart friend. It wears her out, though.” She turned and looked outside where the sun was just rising. “You should rest for a few hours, then talk to Birke.”

He looked like he might argue, but then he rubbed at his forehead, pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded. “I am tired,” he conceded. “And I trust you.”

“Good,” Avellana smiled. “We’ve arranged accomodation for you.”


Even with Ebona’s nagging, Daniel really hadn’t realised how tired he’d let himself get until he reached the chambers the Waldhafen council had provided for him. There was a bed of woven willow and leaves for him and a pile of bracken for Ebona. The bed was as soft and warm as his bed at home and he fell asleep immediately.

When he woke, the sun was just setting and a human woman with dark blonde hair in a smart suit was sitting by the bed reading a nanotechnology journel. A covered tray sat on the table next to her, and Ebona lay on the pile of bracken chewing contentedly on a pile of raw steak.

He pulled himself onto one elbow and looked around properly. Like the great hall, the room and all its furnishings grew from the surrounding trees. However, it was much cosier and lit a warm golden colour by a glowing lamp.  Looking at the woman, he guessed she was a little older than his mother. She looked a little like her as well.

“Hello?” he said.

She looked up at him. “Ah, good evening! I tried to wake you when I arrived, but you were out for the count.” She extended her hand. “I’m Doctor Sarah Tyler.”

“Daniel Stevens.” He shook her hand briefly and suppressed as frown as he tried to remember where he’d heard her name before.

“You picked a good moment to wake up.” She gave him a warm smile. “They just brought us dinner. I hope you like stew.” She lifted the cover from the tray to reveal two bowls of a delicious smelling stew. “We’re lucky, they know how to cook for humans here.”

“You’re the life warrior?” He asked took one of the bowls and tasted it. It was as good as it smelled.

“I am. I’ve been talking to Ebona and the Council while you were sleeping. You want to borrow my bracelet.”

“Yes, I presume they told you why.”

“As best they could. And I can surmise a few things Ebona didn’t say as well.” For some reason he couldn’t fathom her hazel eyes sparkled with amusement.

“May I ?” he asked.

She opened her mouth to reply, but then broke off as a loud gong sounded from somewhere  above them. She went white and the bowl dropped from her hand to smash on the floor. “What the hell!”

“What is it?” he asked.

“That’s the attack alarm!” She headed for the door.

“Hold up!” He leapt to his feet. “I’m coming with you!”

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7 Responses to “Dragon Wars: Land of Myth Chapter Five Part Five”

  1. mjkj says:

    Wow, another one and one that is known to the family it seems…

    Nice 🙂

    Also nice that he got some sleep finally…

    Ah, well, the alarm…

    They must have noticed where he is and that she is there also and made the connection and try to prevent it from happening…

    What I wonder is: if he gave his bracelet away – how can he still use his power (and so much of it)?
    And also: if he says he wants to “borrow” the bracelet from the Life Warrior how will he get it back (since obviously he did not get his back otherwise he could use it for her who was Elaranor)?

    Hoping the best for them while they fight off the attack…


  2. admin says:

    Oops, obviously a lack of clarity. Sorry. :/

    He has his bracelet. He talked to Mela about it in this part. What’s happening is each bracelet also acts as a key to a specific guardian. That’s why Ebona specifically mentions that the life heart bracelet will give them access to her. He can give it back afterwards.

    You’ll find out who’s attacking and why on Friday evening. 🙂

    As for Sarah Tyler, whether or not she knows the Stevens is for later. She certainly seems to know something.

  3. mjkj says:

    Ah, yeah, thank you. I remember now, he still has it. So he needs specific bracelets to get access to specific guardians – that makes sense… 🙂

    …but that was not clear to me, thank you.


  4. Fiona says:

    I keep getting weirded out by a horse like creature (Ebona) eating raw meat…

  5. Lucy says:

    I’m sure I’ve missed something along the way – you say Daniel has a secondary affinity?

    • admin says:

      It’ll become clearer as time goes on, but basically a secondary affinities are lesser powers which can rival the primary affinity (tertiary affinities are little more than parlor tricks).

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