Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Nine Part Five

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Chapter Nine
Part Five

Daniel stopped outside the door and stared at Rilletta. The renegade Haltia was leaning casually against the wall, not far from his chamber. He probably shouldn’t be surprised – she’d made it clear that her delegation’s true purpose was to protect Mela from Gerian. He should have expected that they’d be keeping an eye on her, but he hadn’t expected it to be so blatant. Rilletta wasn’t even trying to conceal herself and seemed quite comfortable with the glares she was receiving from the occasional speaker still abroad at this time  of night.

He almost turned and went back into his room, but Ebona would look after Mela and Rilletta posed no threat to her at the moment. The truce she’d sworn to saw to that. And he really did need to clear his head, and check on his mother. So he contented himself with glaring at her as he passed. Rilletta just cocked her head at him and smiled softly.

He clenched his fists and ground his teeth. She was mocking him! And he couldn’t wipe the smile off her face without breaching the truce and allowing them to fight back. He had a distinct feeling that would be bad. Ystelyan would have sent capable fighters on such a mission, after all. So he nodded stiffly to her and carried on walking, quickening his step as he headed for the large ramp which lead up to the quarters the Council had assigned to his mother.

His mother’s chambers were particularly fine, encompassing an entire house which stood admidst the branches of one of the large trees that surrounded Waldhafen’s great hall. Daniel had suspected it was out of fear of his father, but they insisted that it was more to do with respect for her sister.  Which was stupid, because his mother had no siblings.

Now he knocked on the door of the tree house and then pushed the door open. The main chamber was deserted, but it was the middle of the night. She was probably asleep, so he crept towards the bedroom in an attempt not to disturb her. Then jumped as her voice sounded in his mind.

We’re on the balcony, Dan. Come on up – quietly.
His mother’s mental touch was as tired as she’d looked that afternoon, but it had a confidence behind it which told him that she knew how to use her mind.

He climbed up to the ramp to the upper floor of the tree house and walked quietly towards the doors to the terrace balcony that looked out of the city. He was about to push them open, but froze when he heard his father’s voice.

Yes, stay there. He’s being a stubborn pain again, she said.  But Sal and I think you need to hear this.

Okay, mum.

“I know you’re mad at me, Sal, but I do have reasons for what I’m doing,” his father was saying. “Just let me explain.”

“Oh, I’m mad at you all right.” That was Sarah Tyler’s voice. “But not over this Dragon Lord nonsense. I’m perfectly aware what happened two years ago as well. Jay was there too, remember. I’m not sure this is the wisest response, in fact I think you’re being bloody stupid, but I do understand your reasoning. You should have stuck to Dragons though. There were other ways to deal with that situation at Elapyron City.” There was a pause. “No, I’m mad that you let me, Lucas and Jay think our sister and our nieces and nephews were dead!”

Daniel barely managed not to squeak at that. What the hell?!

“Ah, yes, well…”

“For God’s sake, Matt, did you really think we’d tell the Lavernes she was alive?”

Matt? That wasn’t his father’s name… except hadn’t his mother nearly used that name for him earlier?

“No, I know you  detest them as much as I do,” his father replied. “But the more people there are in on a secret the more likely it is to leak out accidentally. Not even the kids know, well Karen does. I told her before I sent her to Brierthorne. She had to know not to mention she had siblings. Quadruplets are rare enough that it would have raised suspicions. Not only would that put Sonia back in danger. I have a feeling all four of them are resonant, like their mother.”

“That wouldn’t surprise me,” Sarah said.  “Does Karen know you’re the Dragon Lord?”

“If she does, it’s not because I told her. She’s clever enough to work it out though, and who Dan-” He broke off with a sigh. “You… Come out, Daniel. I know you’re out there.”

Daniel pushed open the door and walked on to the balcony. Sarah Tyler, Birke, a white haired haltia he didn’t know and a human teen who looked to be about eighteen were there along with his parents.

“You weren’t supposed to hear any of that. I should know when a Keefe gets an idea they’ll find some way to make it happen. I really shouldn’t have married one.”

“Ah, but you love me anyway.” Sonia smirked at him. She was sitting in a chair with a blanket wrapped around her. She already looked better than she had that afternoon and her eyes were clearer than he’d ever seen them. “And this is growing to be a pointless secret, Matt. It’s clear the Lavernes are on to us.”

“Well someone is,” he sighed. “This isn’t really the Laverne’s style.” He looked at Daniel. “But I should probably introduce you. You know Sarah and Birke already; this is your Uncle Jason. He’s the Sound Warrior and this is his heart friend Caoilainn.” He gestured to the strange teen and the haltia who was perched on the edge of the balcony. “They’re also friends of Karen.”

“Call me Jason.” The boy offered his hand. “I’m what, two years older than you? Calling me Uncle would be just a bit stupid.”

Daniel shook Jason’s hand and nodded to Caoilainn, before looking back at his father. “Now do you want to tell me what the hell is going on?”

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