Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Nine Part Two

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Chapter Nine

Part Two

Mela lay in a large bath of spring water in the chambers which the Council had prepared for them. She ducked under the water for a few moments and then surfaced and looked at Daniel. He had removed his boots and was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. It was still dark outside, which probably explained why he seemed in no hurry to sleep.

“What do you think?” he said after a moment.

Ebona raised her head from where she was lying on a bed of bracken and made a thoughtful sound.

“I’m not sure,” she replied after a moment. “Everything she said was the truth, but I’m sure  she omitted a lot.”

“Undoubtedly,” he agreed. “But it’s defintely true that we need to find a way to protect Mela.” He sighed heavily and looked over at Mela. “I’m sorry. If I’d known dragging you into this would lead to this mess I would have found another way.”

“I think if you’d done that I’d be a ‘guest’ of one of the first twelve right now,” Mela said. “They wanted the pendant anyway and would have come after it eventually. My family could hardly have protected me.”

“That’s true, I suppose. They’d certainly been watching you. Your cousin knew about me spearing your aunt in the shoulder. Doesn’t help though. I have no idea where you’d be safe.”

“Perhaps I should have stayed with the Dragon Lord,” Mela said.

“No! My father can’t be trusted!” he snapped and then continued more calmly. “Or I thought he couldn’t. I don’t know any more. He’s managed to thoroughly confuse me. I thought I knew his plans. I know what his second told us when he-”  He broke off with a shudder. “But somehow that doesn’t fit with him saving us.”

“And neither of them were lying,” Ebona said. “Though I think Jayden Emms was phrasing things very carefully at times, and your father didn’t actually touch on his plans while we were on Gaia. I’m certain he wouldn’t harm Mela, though. He really doesn’t like dragons.”

“Probably not,” he agreed. “But-”

“Sometimes what side someone is on matters less than what side they aren’t on, dark warrior.” A soft, feminine voice filled the room and a sphere of crackling lightning appeared hovering in the centre. “You seek an audience with me, I believe?”

“You’re she who was Elaranor?” Mela gasped.

“I am indeed,” she replied. “You can call me Elaranor if you wish. I still answer to my former  name and that title is really pretentious.” The sphere crackled and seemed on the verge of collapsing for a moment  before reforming slightly smaller. “I cannot hold this projection for much longer so listen carefully. I’ve asked the Council to provide you with a guide to my sanctuary, since the Water Warrior stole the Seeker’s Pendant from you. It lies within Waldhafen’s borders, so this unusual delegation is unlikely to object to your visiting me.”

“It’s so close?” Daniel asked in surprise. “But-”

“But you thought it would be in a Storm Affinity zone?” she sounded amused.

“Well, I might have done. The stories said they were, but when I finally found it he who was Miridan’s sanctuary it wasn’t in a death affinity zone either. I was just surprised by how close to the key it was. Is that wise?”

“Possibly not. You’d have to talk to Sarah and Birke about that. They fetched it from its hiding place and brought it here based on one of Sarah’s visions,” she replied. “As to the stories, they apply to our predecessors’ sanctuaries. We found out the hard way why having the guardians in an area with the same affinity was a bad idea thirty years ago. When the Warriors were forced to activate the full powers of  the system to protect the Core, it did temporarily incapacitate all the attacking dragons, but it also destroyed all the Guardians. We were fortunate that your predecessor and Sarah were able to not only duplicate it, but improve on it before the black dragons woke up or any of the others made a move to take advantage of it.” The spheres gave off more sparks and began to shrink visibly. “I talk too much. I must go now. We’ll talk tomorrow night.” The sphere vanished with a pop.

“That was … interesting,” Daniel said after a long moment. “She seems more talkative than Miridan was, in any case.”

“Indeed,” Ebona agreed. “And apparently she’s been paying attention to what happens in the forest as well. But what are you going to tell her?”

“What Emms told me. Because even if it’s not truly what my father intends it’s what he intended me to think.” He stared out of the window at the stars. “But I’d better tell her that I’m not sure it’s what dad’s really planning. And that Jayden Emms is clever enough to hide something from you.” He pulled his boots on and stood up. “It’s at least a couple of hours until dawn and there’s no way I’ll sleep before then. I’m going for a walk. I need to clear my head so I can think about this. Look after Mela and call me if anything happens.”

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