Dragon Wars: Land of Myth Chapter One II

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Chapter One



Lydia raised an eyebrow at Karen?s reaction. She wanted to comment, but Andrew beat her to it.

?Did you think they?d still be there?? he said. ?Don?t be na?ve.?

?I said I knew it, didn?t I?? she said. ?Which part of that didn?t you understand??

?The bit where you?re swearing about it. You wouldn?t be if you?d expected it,? he said.

Karen looked away and flushed. ?You?re right. Part of me knew, but it was a shock when I looked back and they were gone.? She looked around with a determined expression. ?So where do we go??

?Hmm? Well?? Lydia said. ?My gut is saying we should head for that.? She pointed at a small, partly ruined building nestled between two hills. Something about the white fa?ade and the vaguely Grecian columns reminded her of photos of the Parthenon. Perhaps it had been a temple once. ?It?s the only non-natural landmark and on a direct line of sight with where we arrived. It was the first thing I saw. It?s suggestive.?

Andrew looked at the building. ?You?re right. What do you think, Kaz??

?It makes sense,? she said. ?Especially since we?re standing on the path leading to it.?

Lydia looked down. They were indeed standing on an overgrown path which led straight to the building. ?I- I didn?t notice that,? she said. ?But that makes it even more likely it?s where we?re meant to go.?

?It?s where whoever forced us to come here wants us to go, anyway.? Karen said. ?I still don?t like this.?

Lydia wasn?t surprised. She was surprised that she didn?t agree. She glanced over at Andrew and knew he was thinking the same thing.

?So, we?re agreed?? he asked. ?We head for there??

?You go first,? Lydia said. ?Then when you fall over you won?t knock me and Kaz flying in the process.?

?Hey! My sense of balance isn?t that bad!? he said. ?I can walk downhill without falling over.? He did take the lead and looked back over his shoulder. ?Riding a bike is much harder.?

?I suppose so.? Lydia started down the path after him.


About halfway down the hillside Lydia became aware of a tugging in her head. It felt like when one of the others was looking for her except she knew it wasn?t Daniel, and it seemed to be coming from the sky. She stopped and looked up, trying to locate the source.

?What?s wrong?? Karen asked.

Lydia shushed her and held up her hand to request silence as her eyes scanned the sky. Andrew stopped when he heard Karen?s question and looked back at them. Lydia motioned for him to be quiet as well. A dark speck stood out against the blue. She reached behind her and pulled her binoculars from their pouch and looked up at it.

A bird of prey wheeled in the air above them before diving directly at her. There was a click in her head as the seeker locked onto her. She doubted it was coincidence, but she sensed no hostile intent ? just a yearning echoed by the depths of her own heart.

She dropped the binoculars to her chest and held her arm out to the coppery-feathered hawk. It back-winged and landed on her arm.

?Heart friend!? he said, ?I knew you were coming! I?ve been looking for you.?

?Okaaaay? We?re in Narnia,? Karen said.

Lydia shot a glance at her and saw a strange expression flit across her face.

?Doesn?t that hurt?? Andrew asked.

Lydia looked down at her arm. Having a hawk attached to her by its talons should hurt, shouldn?t it? But it didn?t, and the sleeve of her Gore-Tex jacket was undamaged let alone her skin.

?No, no it doesn?t.? She shook her head and looked back at the bird. ?What did you call me??

?Heart friend,? he said. ?The one who I?ve dreamed of since before I hatched. I?m Bennu.?

?I?m Lydia,? she said as she realised something. ?I?ve dreamed of you too. Almost every night for as long as I can remember.?

?Of course. It works both ways. There?s a bond between us which can?t be broken.?

?Okay, that?s creepy.? Karen said. Bennu looked over at her and Andrew.

?Who are your friends??

?Oh, of course.? Lydia held her forearm up to her shoulder. Bennu got the idea and hopped onto the offered perch. Once again his talons didn?t tear into her. ?These are my brother and sister Andrew and Karen.?

?Ah, of course! Your litter mates! I remember them from my dreams,? Bennu said.

Andrew began to laugh. ?Litter mates. Put like that it sounds so mundane doesn?t it??

?Oh, sorry!? Bennu?s body language was hard to read, but Lydia sensed mortification from him, ?Did I say something wrong? I?ve never met any humans before.?

?It wasn?t insulting,? Andrew said. ?But humans don?t usually have ?litters?. When someone has more than one child at a time it?s unusual enough to comment on. We?ve grown up with people acting as if it was the most notable thing about us.?

?Oh? I see. I don?t know much about humans. I?ll learn.?

?Well, we?ve never met a talking bird. Animals don?t speak where we?re from,? Lydia said. ?We?ll just have to learn together.?

?That?s true,? Bennu said. He seemed unsurprised to hear that animals did not speak in their world. ?We?ll manage.?

?Of course we will,? Andrew said.

?I hope so.? Karen nodded. ?I don?t suppose you heard where that voice was coming from??

?The one calling for help while I was looking for Lydia??


?No. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. As if the whole world was crying for help.?

?Lovely. For all we know it could have been,? Karen said.

?You were looking for me?? Lydia asked.

?Yes, I woke up this morning knowing it would be today.?

?So what now?? Karen said. ?Carry on as we were??

Lydia thought about it and became aware of another strange pulling sensation at the core of her being which had not been there before Bennu?s appearance. It called her towards the ruined building they?d been heading for. ?Yes, I?m sure we?ve got to go there now. It?s calling to me. I can feel it.?

?You can feel it?? Karen said and Lydia nodded. ?Okay, that?s good enough for me.?

?Yeah,? Andrew said. ?Lead on, Lyd.?

?Thanks guys.? Lydia stroked Bennu?s feathers. ?Let?s move out then.? She headed down into the valley.


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  2. Miladysa says:

    I like Bennu!

    There is a little feel of Five Children and It about this at the moment – which is a good thing, btw πŸ™‚

    (something I noticed, “depths her own heart”)

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve corrected the typo. πŸ™‚

    “Five Children” = “Five Children and It”? I must be one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t read or seen that. Weird since I love fantasy so much.

  4. DungeonHamster says:

    Well, that was … abrupt. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, just kind of caught me by surprise. Huh? heartfriend? So, some kids, who are apparently triplets (is Daniel one too? are they quadruplets?) receive a call to help some world via magic portal. So far so good. But then this heartfriend appears suddenly out of nowhere with no apparent relation to the call for help. Or was he called here too himself? The questions, the questions. I have high hopes for an appendix; I always did enjoy those historical appendices imitating those in the back of Return of the King. They answer so many questions without slowing the story or robbing it of and imbalance the author wishes to maintain in the audience.

    Speaking of keeping an audience off balance, have you ever read any Diana Wynne Jones? She hardly knocks it out of the park with every book, but she seems to go for that a lot. Tends to write darkish books that remain whimsical enough and have happy enough endings to frequently get stuck in the children’s section of libraries. I’d recommend starting with the Dark Lord of Derkholm, but you might get a better feel for what I’m talking about in the Dalelands quartet.

    Anyhoo, I’m rambling now, so I’ll just shut up and go read the next entry.

    • Becka says:


      Thank you for the comment. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, they’re quadruplets (it’s actually possibly the least weird thing about their lives).

      The reason Bennu was right there was the portal was deliberately opened near him. The relationship between human and heart friend will be explored more throughout the story.

      I haven’t read the Dalelands quartet but I’m a big fan of Howl’s moving Castle πŸ™‚

      Hope you continue to enjoy my little tale.


  5. DungeonHamster says:

    Sorry, “any imbalance” not “and imbalance.” Also, since I’m leaving another comment anyway, it occurs to me that Spellcoats is probably the best book in the Dalelands series to start with if you’re trying to keep that vibe of uncertainty, even though it was the third written (it comes chronologically first anyway, but it’s comparable to having read Magician’s Nephew without first reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, only more so).

    So, right. Shutting up for real this time.

  6. A. M. Harte says:

    Little note — you wrote “She dropped the binoculars to her chest and held her arm out to the creature without any thought to its talons.”

    I assume Lydia is the lead POV character, therefore if she didn’t think about the talons, you can’t really mention her not thinking about them. Besides, that part of the sentence is made irrelevant by the following paragraph where she looks down in surprise — that tells the reader she didn’t even think about it.

  7. Alia says:

    β€œThe one calling for help while I was looking Lydia?”

    Shouldn’t that be, “The one calling for help while I was looking FOR Lydia?”

  8. admin says:

    @Alia: yup it should. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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