The Dragon Wars Saga: The Storm Child Chapter Ten Part Nine

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Chapter Ten

Part Nine

Dariad had gone to Alaryia’s quarters to tell her he was going to be absent for several days and that Hreid would be acting as regent. The sole goblin he found in her rooms told him that everyone was down at the Mabain upwelling, working on the containment. He would have left a message but the tired looking girl told him that the stream was mostly contained now and he should be okay as long as he didn’t get too close. She hadn’t been certain though, so he held his breath as he approached the edge of the ledge. He’d also tied a rope around his waist and Hreid was holding the other end halfway up the tunnel, well beyond the range of the fumes.

The river of Mabain had dwindled down to a trickle and several vast transparent tanks stood on its banks. That was a good sign. He risked a quick breath and when it didn’t lead to dizziness or nausea he started down the ramp they’d built.

After a moment, he spotted Alaryia standing on a large rock directing the other goblins in the positioning of a large, egg-shaped, crystalline device. The thing was floating in the air and they were moving it towards the tear with gentle nudges. Whatever they were doing it looked like a delicate operation, so he waited until they finished. The goblins nudged the egg back and forth until the stream of Mabain from the tear struck it directly on top and cascaded around it. The crystal responded with a soft bell like tone, split open and rose up to position itself around the tear, before closing again with a snap. The stream of Mabain stopped abruptly.

There was another bell like note and a tube grew from the bottom of the egg. Several goblin pushed an empty tank forward and attached it to the tube. There was a pause and the goblins gave a loud cheer as the Mabain began to flow into it, but Dariad’s attention was drawn back to Alaryia. She had sunk to her knees on the rock. She must have been the one actually making the thing work, though it seemed to be holding position on its own well enough now.

He started down the ramp again when she lifted her head and turned to look at him.

“Dariad! Stay there! I’ll come up to you. There’s still a lot of vapour down here.” She pulled herself to her feet and walked up the ramp towards him. She gave a one-sided smile when she noticed the rope. “Oh, now that’s clever. Shall we go back to my chambers and get a drink? That was hard work. But it’s capped now, and the cap should also act as reinforcement and stop the world tearing any more than it already has.” She gave a frown. “Here anyway, but this sort of thing is happening more often. So what brings you down here?” They headed up the tunnel towards her chambers and Hreid fell into step behind them as they passed.

“I’m going to be gone from the city for a short while in a few days time,” he said. “Hreid will be acting regent in my absense. I thought you should know.”

“Hmm?” she stopped outside the door to her chambers and favoured him with a long look. He had the feeling she considered and disgarded several things before she finally said, “Thank you.” She pushed the door open. “But I’m not sure the timing is the wisest.” Her tone was neutral but Dariad felt gooseflesh creep up his arms.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Come in. We’ll have a drink to celebrate the successful containment of the tear and talk about it.”

“Thank you.” Dariad said. He nodded to Hreid who bowed and headed back to his post.

The goblin girl who he had spoken to earlier was fast asleep on one of the couches around the edge of the room. Alaryia stroked her hair affectionately and covered her with a blanket before heading to the cabinet in the corner and pouring two goblets of wine.

“So what do you mean you don’t think it’s the wisest timing?” Dariad asked after they’d toasted the success of the capping. Alaryia leaned back in her her seat and looked up at the ceiling.

“Well, it’s not so long since you were fighting off a coup, for one. Are you absolutely sure you’ve cleared out all the conspiritors?” she asked. “Because if you haven’t, your absence might enable them to regroup.”

“We’re fairly sure,” Dariad said. “It’d take months to question everyone in the city, but we’ve questioned all the Elapyron City nobles and their known associates and banished all the ones who were involved. But I’m aware we may have missed a few. We will be taking countermeasures. But that’s not all, is it?”

She winced and shook her head. “You’ve had this river of Mabain under your city for quite a while before it was discovered. It may be sealed now, but someone else must have scented it by now. You don’t have many lines of defence if they come after it, and the Warriors won’t be here forever.”

“That’s true, and I can’t keep them here permanently, and it’s not like I’d be much use if a dragon attacked.”

“No, I suppose you wouldn’t. Though there are certain abilities you have access to as King that shouldn’t be affected by that problem.”

“How did you know that?” Dariad stared at her.

“I have my sources.” She smiled at him and cocked her head. “You know, my offer to have my people protect the city if it’s attacked still stands.”

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  1. mjkj says:


    …a dragon en route? Not good.

    …and those Goblins really seem trustworthy.

    • admin says:

      Well she didn’t actually say there was a dragon en route, she said that someone must have scented it by now, so it was reasonable to assume there might be.

      • mjkj says:

        Yeah, I did get that part – but since I do not know who else might be able to scent it besides dragons – expecially over great distances – and Dariad only mentions them it is quite possible for one of them to be en route – which would be not good at all…


      • admin says:

        Indeed it wouldn’t. Dragons are the only real threat that can sense it – that he knows of anyway.

      • mjkj says:

        Ok, so there might be more to come – later
        *looking forward to that*

        I just hope that will not be too dangerous – and most definitely not more dangerous than the dragons…


      • admin says:

        You’ll see. 🙂

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