The Dragon Wars Saga: The Storm Child Chapter Ten Part One

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Chapter Ten
Part One

“Did Ema give you any idea where she was going?” Valeria asked later that evening. She was sitting next to the fire in Dariad’s study, watching the flames dance.

“Not really, but she’d been very frustrated by not being able to explain what had happened. She started studying in the library at all hours, especially the oldest legends about the making of the Core, and took several trips out with merchants to question storytellers about alternative versions.”

Valeria narrowed her eyes. “She was trying to figure out what had gone wrong?”

“I think so. I guess it helped her cope with her anger at not being able to do anything about it.” Dariad toyed with the stem of the goblet he was holding. “But then, about a week before she left, she started having dreams. Not bond dreams either. From what she told me when she was leaving, she believed they were calling her, telling her to find something. If she knew more than that she wouldn’t specify.”

“Did you send anyone with her?”

He snorted quietly at that. “I offered her a guard given the level of hostility to Heart Friends out there at the moment. She said she didn’t need it. I did insist she took a goblin made sling as well as her hammer. Ema’s surprisingly good in a fight even in resting form. If anyone does attack her, they’ll be in for a shock.”

“Goblin weapons do even the playing field,” Valeria agreed. “I wonder what she was looking for?”

“She wouldn’t say. I think she was going to, but after the Core – hum – closed her down so spectacularly when she tried to tell me about the traitor she seemed scared to. She said it was watching her and while it couldn’t hear thoughts, it could hear words. Whatever she’s looking for, she didn’t want it to know.”

“That sounds ominous… You don’t think she’d turn traitor do you?” Valeria said.

“Honestly, Val? I’d say no. Ema would never risk the world disintegrating and no one hates dragons as much as she did. But I get the feeling the Core wouldn’t see it that way. I think she’s looking for a way to fix it…”

“And it probably thinks it doesn’t need fixing.” Valeria rubbed at the bridge of her nose. “This explains a lot you know. No wonder things seem so broken recently-” She broke off as two imps formed from sticks and leaves phased in through the walls. One of them flew to each of them. It was a cute thing but Valeria felt her guts tighten at the sight of it. “Waldhafen? I can’t remember the last time I received an Imp from Waldhafen. I think it was just before they threw up all that security.”

“Same here,” he agreed. “And now they send one to both of us on the same day. With everything that’s going on that’s ominous.” He held out his hand to the one hovering in front of him and absorbed it. “Damn!” Dariad gasped as the full import of the message hit him.

A frightened squeak from Valeria indicated she had absorbed the imp she had received as well. He opened his eyes and saw that her golden skin had paled to a sickly yellow colour.

“Val?” he asked softly.

“I should have realised!” she whispered. “Karen even looks a bit like Matthias. H-he’s going to kill me for attacking his children, isn’t he?”

“I doubt that. He’d have already attacked you if he was going to. I imagine he’s rather discontent with you though, and you should probably be glad you never came close to succeeding.” He paused. “And I guess there is a very slight resemblence, but only if you’re looking for it. I imagine they made sure people weren’t.”

“I hope so. I wouldn’t stand a chance if he attacked me.”

“Well Karen doesn’t seem mad at you.”

“Karen’s too forgiving for her own good.” She cringed again. “Damn, how am I supposed to tell that poor girl the the water warrior is still alive? Or that he’s working for a dragon?”

“Carefully,” he suggested. “Perhaps wait until she’s stronger. She still looked dreadful earlier.”

“I don’t think we can,” Valeria said. “We need to go to Waldhafen quickly.”

“Huh?!” That caught him off guard.

“Yes. If nothing else little Mela is one of my citizens, her safety is at least partly my responsibility. I let Salia down-” She broke off with a strangled sob. A few deep breaths and she managed to continue. “Anyway with two of the first twelve moving so obviously how long can it be before the others do as well? As I was vividly reminded earlier, we can’t fight dragons but we can inconvenience them in other ways.”

“A council of war?” he mused. “That’s not a bad idea, and they certainly have the facilities to host one. I’ll send an Imp to the Waldhafen to ask if they will.”

“I hope they agree,” she said. “Because the Dark Warrior isn’t the only person who would like to talk to my mother.”

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10 Responses to “The Dragon Wars Saga: The Storm Child Chapter Ten Part One”

  1. mjkj says:


    …poor Karen is in for a shock 🙂 as is the rest of them (well, Lydia and Andrew less – because they are all new in this)

    …so who is her mother? Was she already mentioned or is she new? (…too many people to keep track of…)

    It is a pity the next updates are so far … *sighs*


  2. Alyxe says:


    I just stumbled upon the story, read it this morning and thought I would drop a note of appreciation as well as try to work something out.

    The first twelve dragons…. hrm…. how many elements have been mentioned?

    Let me see… fire, light, ice and darkness in the siblings. Life and death… metal, earth, sound and water. Air… there is 11. Air-earth, fire-water, darkness-light, life-death, leaving metal, ice and sound unpaired. Oh, duh, the 12th is storm or lightning. Of course, metal can be thought of as mixing fire and earth, lightning as air and fire, ice as air and water… leaving sound as earth and water? Perhaps not. Imagine that, I can only think of twelve mentioned affinities and the first twelve dragons were different than the rest… who would have figured? -g-

    It does make me wonder if the other three are going to show a secondary affinity at some point, as well, or if that is as much of a rarity as a Resonant.

    I shall leave those as my random musings for the day…. excellent story, Ms. Sutton, I look forward to more. -wave-


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It’s really great you’re theorising so hard.

      The colours of the dragons is actually unrelated to ‘element’. Indeed it’s only a minor spoiler to say none of the first twelve have wind or death affinities. The colours are related to something else and each of the first twelve is a different colour. Also there’s more than twelve affinities and not all of them are elemental – mind and space for example.

      And yes the other three will show secondary affinities (actually Karen already has but it wasn’t commented on – her run and her spotting the distortion under the eyrie were both possible due to her secondary spatial affinity).

      Secondary affinities are normal for astrals. Karen actually refers to Daniel’s “predicted affinity spread” at one point.

      • Alyxe says:

        Heyla, ma’am

        I am glad you think so (about the theorising). I try not to be too obsessive about it but I like patterns. -g-

        I just wish my favourite colour was not occupied by such a git as Gerian. Purple, blue and red mentioned thus far… interesting, considering the colour template.


      • admin says:

        Well the site has the red colouring because I like red too, but yeah Gerian is a git. 😀

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