Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Eight Part Eight

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Lydia held her breath and resisted the urge to coil more tightly around Andrew as the dark sanctuary shuddered again. She was trying to protect him, not accidentally crush him.

“I think we’ve stopped dropping, at least,” Naria said.

We have, He who was Indarian said. And they’ve noticed. I wonder what they’ll try next.

Lydia turned her head to look at the image again and saw that Mitakrian had opened his eyes and was saying something to Xantaria. There was no sound so she couldn’t hear what but Xantaria shook her head violently in response.

Can we hear what they are saying? she asked.

We can, but they are speaking draconic, he replied. So I don’t know what they are saying.

“I’ll translate,” Naria said.

You can pick up the psychic aspects of the language through this even though I can’t? He sounded surprised.

“I should be able to, yes,” she said. “Unless they are deliberately concealing them. The psychic inflections embed themselves into the media.”

How in the…? No, it doesn’t matter. I’ll put the sound on.

It immediately became apparent that they were indeed arguing. Mitakrian wanted to try a more aggressive attack since the subtle one had failed but Xantaria was adamant they shouldn’t and it was quickly degenerating into a screaming match.

Good grief! They’re like spoiled children, Lydia said.

Yes, let’s hope they stay tha– He who was Indirian broke off as Xantaria stiffened. Uh-oh!

“She saying they’ve closed the crack and back up will be here soon,” Naria said. “Which is good for us. She wants to retreat but he’s saying they should destroy the place to finish what they started.”

As they watched he whirled and threw a massive blast of energy at the sanctuary. Xantaria immediately leapt between it and its target, blocking it with her own shield.

“It’s definitely you, Lydia,” Naria said. “She just said that everything depends on that girl, we can’t risk her.”

But why? Lydia said plaintively.

“I don’t know,” Naria said. “But he’s insisting she could repeat it with Karen or Daniel. She says there’s no way to hit the perfect timing a second time, they lucked out this time.”

She wanted a dragon like me? Lydia said.

“It seems so. Once we’re through this we’ll take this information to Joanne; it’ll help her hone her visions,” Naria said. “Then we might find ou–” She broke off and stared at the image where Mitakrian had produced a larged whip of thorny vines from somewhere. “Uh-oh! Is he stupid?”

“What’s he saying?” Andrew asked.

“That she lucked out. Lydia is of no moment to his plans and he doesn’t need her any more.” Naria flinched as Xantaria produced two huge swords of lightning. “She says the feeling is mutual. This is going to end badly for one of them. I wish your family would hurry up because we need to stop this. If she kills Mitakrian it’ll be a mess and we don’t need the distraction of his court going into simultaneous frenzy. Sonia-ida isn’t ready to catch them yet.”

“What if he kills her?” Kimi asked.

“Unlikely,” Naria said. “Xantaria never gets into a fight she thinks she can’t win, but as long as your family got here fast enough to stop him destroying the sanctuary that would actually be better for us.” She paused as Mitakrian staggered to his knees and vomited before either of them could launch an attack. Xantaria looked as amused as she walked over to stand over him. Naria’s eyes went wide as she listened to what she said to him. “She’s saying that she would never have allied with someone as untrustworthy as him without insurance and if he didn’t know that, he didn’t know her as well as he thought. She must have snuck a capsule of one of her venoms into him!” She looked around as their backup appeared. “We’re screwed!”

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