Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Eight Part Thirteen

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Mitakrian looked extremely sick when he was dragged into the room where the ten first dragons and Chaya were gathered in a circle awaiting him. Halia pushed him to his knees at the centre of the circle, then withdrew to the edge of room.

At first he didn’t seem aware of where he was, but then his eyes fixed on Chaya and he lunged at her. Chaya didn’t even flinch; she just kicked him in the chest, sending him sprawling back to the floor. She stood over him and spoke coldly in draconic before walking over to Halia.

She said that they were here to pass judgement and she herself found him guilty and left his fate in the hands of his fellows, Alsia said. Now they have her formal permission, they can act against him.

Yes, and now I’m taking her to join Endaria’s troops, Halia said. You should come too to look for the svart alfar heart friend you feared he might have prisoner.

Well, I’m certainly coming, Julie said. And we should take Rantalryan-alran as we. He’ll know his way around.

And we’ll be more use there than here, Alsia said.

Yes, indeed, Matthias said. Let’s go.
“We’ll know when to move.” Endaria’s heart friend Pyria was a tall flame nymph. “Not only will all his defences go down but you don’t force one of the mirari into stasis without there being obvious repurcussions in their court.”

“So as soon as that happens, we move?” Matthias asked.

“Yes,” she said. “We’ll jump straight to his throne room and let Chaya take control of the court. That will stop them frenzying. They can still fight us, though, and some of them will. So if you and your kids can force them to stand down, that would be good.” She hesitated. “You have rather gutted his court recently so this is actually doable, but don’t imagine this will be easy.”

“Oh, I don’t,” Matthias said. “He seems to attract nasty ones.”

“He doe–” Pyria broke off as a mass scream seemed to tear the air. “And that’s out cue! Follow me.” She took Chaya’s hand and opened a gate, racing through, followed by the rest of her troops.

They emerged into a large, bleak cavern with a throne at the centre. There was little sign of Mitakrian’s life affinity here other than the sickly looking glowing fungi that covered the walls and gave the only source of light. It was empty except for a single, female dragon dressed in black who was kneeling near the throne, clenching her fists and clearly trying to control herself. She looked up at them and her face brightened.

“Lady Chaya! Thank the void! Can you take the court? Please, I can’t hold myself back much longer.”

“That’s why I’m here, Nalatria-alra.” Chaya strode past her and sat down on the throne. She closed her eyes and after a moment the screaming in the air stopped to be replaced by a sensation of complete shock. “Okay, they aren’t frenzying and I stopped them before they did any damage, but the majority of them aren’t happy. I think we should brace for an attack.” She turned her eyes to Nalatria. “What about you, Nalatria-alra? Will you support me or do I need to confine you?”

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    Woah, great chapter 😀

    I hope they can contain them and keep Chaya on the throne until Sonia can take over…

    PS: stuff
    all that thought speak (especially in the first part) should be in italics…

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    I think I know the answer but how could you break there?

    And that’s out cue!
    “our” I think is what you meant:
    And that’s our cue!

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    “And that’s out cue!

    our cue.

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