Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Eight Part Three

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Lydia woke with a start as the walls began shaking.

What the hell?! She looked around wildly. What’s happening?

He who was Indirian didn’t answer immediately but she saw shadowy tendrils break off from the pillar of shadow and flow into the walls. After a moment, the shaking stopped and he finally spoke.

Apparently Xantaria thinks coming after you and Andrew is more important than preserving the tear. She and Mitakrian are trying to break through my wards.

Oh, that’s just bloody wonderful, Lydia said. Can you keep them out?

If I can’t, then nowhere could, he said. The other Guardians are passing me strength to reinforce the walls as well.

That didn’t answer the question.

No, it didn’t. The truth is, I’m not sure. Nothing should be able to break through but they are very strong and Mitakrian is trying to eat the wards.

I see. Lydia started to shift back to human form but stopped as her stomach roiled with a sudden pang of anxiety. Interesting, my gut is telling me to stay in dragon form.

Then I’d obey it if I were you. What else is it telling you?

Lydia considered the question, closing her eyes and trying to get a sense of what she should do next. The image that flashed through her mind was so clear that she would have fallen over had she been on two legs rather than four. She walked carefully over to Andrew, Kimi and Naria, shifted her form to be about twice as large and curled herself around them so no one would be able to strike at them without hitting her.

This. She looked up at Bennu. You’d best come here as well. If they do break through they may try and use you to get me to move.

Good point. Bennu flew down from his perch and landed on Naria’s lap.

Okay. Lydia concentrated and made her shield as strong as she could. Let’s just hope my gut is right.

You feel she’s after Andrew, not you? He who was Indirian asked.

Possibly, she said. It makes a certain amount of sense as well. Joanne said that he’d die if he wasn’t with me but didn’t seem to think I was in danger.

“It does suggest it’s me she’s after,” Andrew agreed. “Just what I need.”

Don’t worry, we’ll protect you, He who was Indirian said.

“How are the wards holding up?” Naria asked as another shudder when through the walls. “Have you told Matthias-idan what’s happening?”

I have. He can’t leave the fight right now – it’s too close – but he’ll be here with reinforcements as soon as possible. We just have to hold out until then. The wards are holding up for now but these two are very strong. On the upside, given how close the battle over the crack is, they won’t be able to call in reinforcements either.

“Can we see what’s going on out there?” Andrew asked.

Yes, of course. There was a flickering in the air and an image of the outside appeared in front of them.

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