Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Nine Part Five

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“I think we can wait a while longer,” Matthias said. “But not too long. For now, what did the visions we now have a record of say?”

Adrian frowned. “Well if her visions were right, my ancestors wanted dragons because this Eater of Worlds both can’t stand the taste of psychovores and is vulnerable to attacks from them.”

“Twisted,” Julie said. “Our ancestors were very twisted if they thought this was a good solution.”

“If I’m understanding this, she was of the opinion that Xantaria set things up to trigger the premonitions that caused my family’s actions. That would be one heck of a long term plan. Having said that, these were long term premonitions. I can show you if you want but they are rather abstract.”

“Long term visions often are,” Sonia said. “Show us.”

He closed his eyes and broadcast a series of images. Xantaria standing in darkness moving clay pieces on some kind of board. A shadow engulfing Earth as people screamed cut off as people awoke from a shared vision and whispered to each other. Blood soaking the ground and then a repeat of the shadow engulfing Earth but this time it was driven off by dragons.

“Bear in mind she saw this millenia ago,” Adrian said.

“And yet that was modern Earth she saw being attacked,” Sonia said. “And it does look like Xantaria set them up.” She hummed. “How the heck would you keep such a plan on track over mill– Oh, shit!”

“Sonia? What’s wrong?” Matthias said.

“If I’m right, we have a major problem. Remember what Joanne said. Someone with the same power as her was blocking her attempts to change things. I think it might be Xantaria.”

“It’s not impossible,” Darylyan said. “She’s certainly a precog.” He looked over at Alsia. “What do you think?”

She scowled at him for a moment but did answer. “It would explain why she needed Key out of the way. You know how she distorted precogs and clairvoyant locks.”

“Sounds like she’s related to your family, Matt,” Julie said slyly. “At least that’s your family’s trick.”

“They are,” Alsia said. “Extremely distantly, given the remove, but I made an effort to keep track of all the really interesting families and the Morgans are directly descended from Hilian. I mean, okay at this remove pretty much everyone on Earth now is descended from everyone back then but we’re talking they are the family he founded after the purge. They’d probably even remember that but their family got hit as badly as anyone after that incident with the Speakers – even though they weren’t involved – and lost a lot of information, including his imperitive to look for his mother.”

“Hilian was Keylaria’s only child,” Darylyran explained. “He was only a toddler and not resonant so he was taken in by a nearby clan.” He snorted. “I did wonder, given the obvious power spread similarities between Key and the Morgans, but it seemed so unlikely.”

“Ugh, so Gerian is some sort of ultimate great uncle to us?” Karen asked. “I think I want to go and scrub my skin off now.”

“It also makes Alison kin, albeit distantly,” Matthias said. “We should tell her when we next see her. More importantly, we don’t know if Xantaria has the same ability as Joanne but we do know that if she does, we can interfere with it the same way we can interfere with normal precognition. I think we should assume she does and turn it up to eleven.”

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    How many threads are you putting into this web you are weaving? OI

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      Hmm… I don’t really consider the revelations here a new threading web. There had to be some reason Xantaria could keep a Xanatos Pile-up of such epic proportions on track over millenia after all. X-D

      Having said that once it’s finally done Arc Four is going to need some epic editing as it is a bit busy and possibly cutting into two arcs as it’s over long to be one paperback.

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