Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Nine Part Nine

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“I’m not getting any particular alarms from the thought of Dan doing this,” Sonia said. “Which suggests that it might not be a disaster if he does. I’m still not happy about it, but that might just be a mother’s worry.”

“It probably is,” Daniel said. “You do fuss, mum. We’ll need an escape plan for me if I’m going to do this.”

“I’ll teach you to teleport,” Anthony said. “I’m already teaching Selene. You’ll be able to run then if you need to.”

“Hmm… I’m not entirely happy about this idea,” Matthias said. “But the potential is to great to not risk it. We have to make sure the government can’t brainwash or experiment on those kids and I don’t think Selene can do that alone.” He smiled at Selene. “No offense, sweetie, it’s just that you’re just one person.”

“None taken,” she said. “I couldn’t agree more.” She tapped her fingers on the table. “Mel’s coming to school here right? That’s going to be the riskiest bit if anyone finds out.”

“Hmm… yes…” Matthias said. “A pretty problem. How do we hide your relationship to us…”

Daniel frowned at his soup as he considered the problem. “Anthony’s been on the run from his family for a while, right? Do the authorities know he was here?”

“They shouldn’t,” Anthony said. “What are you thinking?”

“Don’t hide it, at least not completely,” he said. “Fake an emergence for her a couple of weeks into term after Mel is here.”

“Tell them you’ll train her yourself because you worry about your family if you send her to Brierthorne and let them talk you into sending her to their school instead,” Matthias said.

“That’s risky,” Sonia said. “What if they don’t buy your reasons?”

“Nothing about this is unrisky,” Anthony said. “I think that idea has got potential except they mustn’t find out Sal is Selene’s godmother or they won’t entirely trust her. On the other hand if they think she’s the main spy they won’t be looking elsewhere.”

“So me, Daniel and Lisa?” Selene said. “That works for me… I like Lisa, we’ve been training together.” She smiled at Daniel. “I’m sure you’re cool as well but I don’t really know you yet so I can’t really comment.”

Daniel chuckled. “I understand. Well if we do this, and I think we have to do this, we’ll have the chance to correct that. Do we know where they are putting the school?”

“Cumbria,” Sonia said. “Just a stone’s throw from the Morgan’s holiday home, actually, though they don’t know that.”

“Well, that’s convenient at least,” Daniel said. “We can’t be seen to be getting on too well with the staff if this is to work, so we can pass on information through there. So are we agreed that we’re doing this?”

“It’s dangerous as all hell,” Sonia said quietly. “But I think we have to.”

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