Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty One Part One

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“They took the gate better than I expected,” Sonia said later that evening after they’d settled their guests into two of the dorm houses.

“It hardly bothered them at all,” Andrew agreed. “Maybe because they’d seen it on television. I think the one when we rescued that girl in London was caught, right?”

“That could be it,” Sonia said. “But what are we going to do with them? We can’t train them here, it’d be noticed. And I don’t want them going to the government school.”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Matthias said. “And I’m thinking that it’s a good thing that I hid you on Sarah’s doorstep.”

“Hmm?” Sonia said.

“I think Dad is suggesting that between you and Aunt Sarah, you can probably handle training this group at home,” Karen said from the sofa. “It’s not a bad idea.”

Sonia tilted her head thoughtfully. “That might work and it does give an excuse to still use the house, which I like. We’ll see what Sal thinks when she gets back from treating our guests.”

“Would that work?” Andrew asked. “I mean would you be able to keep your secret identities? That’s the only way it would work since the government can’t know and my friends can’t have been the only people to have recognised you.”

“Possibly, possibly not,” Matthias said. “I was generally only there at the weekends and Sonia was never out and about much because she was so unwell. Your friends knew us, but other people, not so much. I think my psychic misdirections should mostly still work on most people…” He hesitated and glanced up at the window. “Maybe. It depends on how perceptive the energy from that damned tear has made them.”

“But even if people suspect, your father should be able to push them off course,” Sonia said. “Look how completely we completely failed to recognise who Lyrrekka was? And how nobody realised Karen was related to the Morgans all the time she was pretending to be a Wild. It’s a Morgan skill.”

“I see.” Andrew said. “That’s… that’s actually kind of an uncomfortable idea. Can I do that?”

Matthias chuckled at that. “I suppose it would seem that way to you. You do get used to it. And quite possibly. Like Lyd, you’re really more Keefe than Morgan in your ability spread, but there’s enough similarities that I suspect you can. Dan and Karen definitely can.”

“Will you still be wanting us to come to Brierthorne for our A-levels?” Lydia asked. “Or will you need us at home for camouflage.”

“I definitelly want you in the school,” Sonia said. “But we might have to deal with it as a commute so you can be around enough not to raise suspicions. Gating you there and home is not too hard, though only a few families do it. Generally the antisocial ones who don’t want the rest of us ‘corrupting’ their kids.” Her tone dripped contempt on the ”corrupting’.

“We can sort it out once we’ve decided exactly what we’re doing,” Matthias said. He looked around as Sarah came in and sank tiredly down onto one of the sofas. “So, how bad was it?”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Wow, quite busy…

    I hope Sarah can rest for a while.

    …and when is Andrew’s and Naria’s next session?

    PS: stuff:
    “Look how completely we completely failed to recognise who Lyrrekka was? => I think one *completely* would be enough – I do not know if it is wrong but it would be easier to read with only one.

  2. Chunkybutt647 says:

    I have one suggestion but again it could be that I am just in a different geography and do not grasp the differences in cultures, but I’ve seen you refer to some of the school stuff and these A levels and Im sure that they are tests or subjects but Im not completely positive as to what it is. Hopefully you can explain that a little more in detail…..

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