Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty One Part Seven

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Alaryia arrived along with her mother within half an hour, closely followed by Takilyan and Estara. They listened in silence to what had happened and then Estara reached out and squeezed Matthias’s hand. He looked up at her in surprise and she smiled gently.

“We’ll get her back,” she said. “We’ll find out who did this and get back from them.”

“It was Xantaria,” Fellaria said confidently. “I can’t imagine why but I can feel it’s her.”

“To get at you, maybe,” Alaryia said.

Fellaria scowled thoughtfully then shook her head. “No, I don’t think it’s that, though no doubt she thinks that’s an added bonus. But…” She hesitated. “But I’m sensing a larger shape to this.”

“I am too,” Sonia agreed. “And we need to stop her, but we don’t even know where Lyd is. You have a teacher’s bond with her. Will you help us find her?”

“Of course I will, but worryingly, I’m fairly sure she’s not on Taloa, not even in a pocket. Which is ominous.”

Ystelyan sucked in an hissing breath. “You think she’s on Kithra.”

“I think it’s a distinct possibility, which will make rescuing her more difficult,” Fellaria said.

“Especially since it puts us on a deadline,” Indaturan said.

“A deadline?” Matthias asked sharply.

“We have two, may three days to get her out of there before she gets far enough along in the transformation into a Kithreia that it’s irreversible.”

“Ah.” Matthias closed his eyes. “Yes, I think we want to stop that, from what I know. Not that she’ll be any less our daughter if she is transformed but it seems to be an unpleasant state.”

“It is,” Talira said quietly. “I didn’t appreciate how bad it was before I became a dragon.”

“And it’ll be worse for Lydia because she’s silver,” Fellaria said. Matthias gave her a curious look. “The nature of Kithra plays poorly with loyalty.”

“You seem okay,” he said.

“Oh, it hurts. I handle it with sheer bloody-minded stubborness,” she said blandly. “I have red streaks. But the fact remains we have to find out where Lyd is before we rescue her.”

“I know Dar does, but does anyone else have contacts or spies on Kithra?” Indaturan asked. “We could do with some intelligence before we barge in.”

“I do,” Takilyan said. “Elizara’s mother. Given that she’s in Andarian’s court, I’m not sure how trustworthy she is, though. She’s gold and not oathbound so it depends which way her honour pushes her.”

“There are ways to tell,” Kylissan said. “For one thing, we’re really bad at lying.” He took a breath “And I hate to bring this up but we do need to discuss what we found as well. I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re right.” Sonia still had her head in her hands. “No need to apologise.” She took a shaky breath. “And that at least is good news. Someone set a storm around the tear and it’s holding it open.”

“So if we can get rid of the storm, the tear will heal on its own?” Alaryia said. “That should be doable so that is good news.”

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