Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty One Part Three

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A/N: Sorry for skipping on Whisper again. I’m going to try and do a load of writing on it and Haventon this weekend.

“I’d definitely say wait another day,” Lucas said after he’d poked at Andrew and Naria’s bond extensively. “It’s not trying to revert so we don’t need to rush it and risk doing you both damage. Are you getting used to it being bound less tightly?”

“Yes,” Andrew said even as Naria nodded.

“That’s good,” Lucas said. “You should sleep better tonight, then. If you want, I can get Ishleen to nudge you to make sure you do.”

Andrew hesitated. Somehow he was more comfortable with the thought of a speaker like Ishleen nudging him than another human doing it, but it was still an uncomfortable thought.

Naria seemed to have no such reservations. “I think that’s a great idea,” she said. “I accept.” She gave Andrew a sly look. “I don’t know if Drew will.”

Lucas gave Andrew a thoughtful look. “Yes, you do value you privacy, don’t you? Ish won’t do anything more than help you sleep, I promise.”

“It’ll just be like when that healer Simon helped you sleep,” Naria said. “You should consider it.”

Andrew gave a wry smile. “I doubt I would have let him do that if I hadn’t been so exhausted but that’s a good point.” He closed his eyes thoughtfully. “Okay, let’s do it. I do need to sleep. I’ve too much to do to be sleep deprived.”

“Great!” Lucas said. “I’ll go and get her while you two get ready for bed.”

“But how how we going to do this?” Andrew asked suddenly. “She won’t fit up the stairs.”

“No,” Lucas agreed. “Not even in resting form. I’m rather afraid we’ll have to carry you to your beds.”

“Ah!” Andrew said. “Okay then.”


When Andrew got back downstairs after getting into his nightclothes, the french windows had been opened to admit Ishleen. In her full form, the nightmare resembled a black Arabian mare with bat wings and was large enough to make the lounge seem crowded all on her own. As soon as he entered the lounge, Ishleen nuzzled Andrew.

“You really are tired,” she said. “But don’t worry, we’ll sort that.”

Andrew gave her a thoughtful look. “You’re a nightmare, right? I’m not going too get bad dreams if you make me sleep?”

“Drew!” Naria said as she entered the room wrapped in a dressing gown. “That’s a terrible, distrustful thing to ask. You should apologise to Ishleen.”

Ishleen gave a neighing chuckle. “No, it’s a fair question, not an accusation. Causing bad dreams is what we’re known for and it would be counterproductive when you are trying to rest if my making you sleep caused nightmares as a side-effect.” She nuzzled Andrew again. “But it’s not all we can do. You’ll have good dreams, I promise.”

“Ah, okay then,” Andrew said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Ishleen replied. “Now sit down so you don’t fall down when I do this.”

Andrew did as she said and Ishleen touched her nose to his forehead. There was a moment of pleasant fogginess before everything went black.

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